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1,000 Plus Missing Oxycodone Pills

More than 1,000 stolen oxycodone pills are at the center of a criminal investigation into Palm Beach County Clerk and Comptroller Sharon Bock’s evidence department, according to sheriff’s deputies.

This was just one of several new details from the closely guarded investigation that emerged in a probable-cause affidavit released Tuesday, the day after Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputies arrested evidence clerk Renee Lyn Hawkins on three unrelated drug possession charges. Deputies released her Monday after she posted bond, and Bock’s office fired her Tuesday morning.

Bock’s office confirmed that Hawkins, 32, of suburban West Palm Beach, was one of the three clerks under criminal investigation within the department charged with storing and maintaining guns, drugs and other crucial evidence in Palm Beach County court cases. All three had been suspended since July 2, but Bock allowed the other two clerks to return to work this week.

“It’s a very big disappointment,” Un Cha Kim, chief operating officer of the Clerk & Comptroller’s Office, said of Hawkins dismissal Tuesday. “We invest a lot in our employees once we hire them, and when something like this happens, our whole office suffers because we take pride in serving our customers. We take it personally that we somehow failed you guys.”

According to the two-page affidavit in Hawkins’ case, deputies confronted Hawkins at the courthouse just before 6 p.m., June 29 and asked her if she had the stolen oxycodone pills in her purse. She said no and denied any involvement in the alleged thefts.

The theft of that many pills could create an auditing nightmare for Bock’s 748-member office, charged with keeping millions of records and tasked as the county’s chief finance office. Bock’s office is responsible for the evidence from the time it is presented to jurors at trial until all potential appeals in a case are exhausted.

Kim said she could not disclose any details of what inventories have been taken, citing the open criminal and internal investigation. She did say that in light of the thefts, Bock’s office will step up the frequency of random drug tests required of employees who work in those areas. Bock last week said all clerk’s office employees undergo heavy background screening and a drug test at the start of their employment. Full story here.

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Many Oxycodone offense cases involve false allegations. The police may notice the medication during a routine traffic stop and charge you with possession. If the amount of Oxycodone is over four grams, the police can charge you with drug trafficking. However, neither of these are valid allegations if you have a prescription for the medication or the pills were left over from a former prescription. If you have a prescription, having possession of the drugs is legal.

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