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3 Louisiana Prison Escapees Are Accused of Kidnapping a Jupiter, Florida Man

Three desperate convicts from Louisiana kidnapped a Jupiter High School graduate recently, led him into some dark woods in Tallahassee and then returned from the woods without him, according to police.

The convicts fled and a crime spree ran the length of Florida, from Tallahassee to Miami. Finally on April 12, 2010, authorities cornered the convicts in Miami and brought them back to a Tallahassee jail.

“They didn’t have to kill him that way,” one of the convicts said, according to authorities.

The convict stopped talking when he realized police had not found the kidnapped man yet. The convict said he wanted to speak to a lawyer.

The three convicts were initially charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, but now they have been charged with kidnapping to facilitate a felony. The search for the Jupiter man continues. The convicts may also be facing murder charges.

Kidnapping Crimes in Palm Beach County, Florida

Kidnapping occurs when a person is unlawfully and non-consensually moved and held for illegal purposes. The purposes could be reward or ransom, facilitating another felony or a flight after the commission of a felony, terrorizing or inflicting bodily injury on a victim or interfering with a governmental or political function.

Kidnapping can also occur in a parental custody battle. Even though you may have taken your own child, it can be just as serious as any other kidnapping crime. Kidnapping is considered a “strike” under Florida’s three strikes law. If you are convicted, in some cases the penalty is life in prison.

Most state and federal kidnapping laws are vague about the legal definition of kidnapping, and they let local courts fill in the details. That is why it is so important to hire a local criminal attorney who knows the local court and prosecution if you are ever charged with this kind of crime.

There is one thing that isn’t vague – when you are arrested for kidnapping, you are in big trouble unless you hire an experienced Palm Beach County attorney immediately.

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