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5 Steps to Clear Your Criminal Record

ballnchain_180x120When you apply for a job, a house, a loan, or pretty much anything where a background check is conducted, your criminal record can be your biggest enemy. It can take away so many opportunities away from you and restrict your freedom. The most common way to clear your criminal record is to get it expunged. Contact a criminal defense lawyer for any questions you might have.


What does it mean to get a criminal record expunged? Expungement is the process where your criminal record is sealed, so it is unavailable by way of public records. However, it is not necessarily excused, your case was simply “set aside and dismissed.”

Florida Law

Florida Law allows for expungement of a criminal record if it does not include a conviction. It permits the expungement of a records where adjudication was withheld. To be eligible, the defendant must not have been convicted of or have pled guilty to any criminal offense, and must not have previously received expungement.

The Steps

  1. Order a copy of your criminal record to check the information. Review and see if you are eligible to have your record expunged.
  2. Contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Sometime the process is easy to do on your own, but it is wise to have the support of a knowledgeable defense lawyer on your side.
  3. Fill out the forms you need to file with the court. They are usually available through the clerk of the court in the county you were convicted in. They are also available online.
  4. File your motion. Present the court with evidence that supports the fact that you deserve to have your criminal record expunged. These can include diplomas, transcripts, letters of recommendation, or anything to show you have been bettering yourself.
  5. Attend the hearing. Once the court sends you a notice to attend a hearing, you have an opportunity to explain to the judge the reasons why you deserve to have your criminal record expunged.

The judge will make a decision either at the hearing or send it to you by mail. The biggest asset you can have on your side during this whole process is an adept criminal defense lawyer to guide you through the process. Contact an experienced defense attorney and be on your way to a life without the burden of a criminal record.

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