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Adopting a Child in Palm Beach County, Florida

child-neglect-1_180x120-150x118Adoption is the process where a person assumes the parenting for someone who is not kin and permanently transfers all rights and responsibilities from the original parents. It is complicated, emotional and full of life-altering decisions. There are many kinds of adoptions and many different adoption laws that vary from state to state. Federal laws also impact the procedures connected with the adoption process. But – inspite of all the obstacles you may have to face, it is wonderful way to love a child and build a family.

Infant Adoption in Palm Beach County

Many families want to adopt children and there are many young women and men in Palm Beach County who choose to make adoption a plan for their unborn children. The birth parent has decided that she is unable or unwilling to be a parent. The parents relinquish their rights voluntarily. The majority of birth parents select and meet the adoptive parents and want some level of openness in their adoption. This is referred to as a “level of contact” after the placement. If you are a birth mother who is interested in placing your child for adoption, you need to contact a licensed adoption agency or a qualified Palm Beach County attorney.

Adopting an Older Child in Palm Beach County

Over 100,000 children are living with foster families in the United States, but these children are still waiting for families to give them permanent homes. They are often older children from racial or ethnic minorities. Many times they have been abused and neglected – and they were forced to leave their family and everything that they knew and loved. If there is room in your heart and home, please contact an adoption agency or attorney about adopting a foster child.

International Adoption in Palm Beach County

If you are interested in international adoption, you must first decide what country you would like a child from. This determines your choice of adoption agencies. It is critical that you select an agency that has experience in adoption from that country. A qualified attorney can help you choose the adoption agency that will be right for you.

Home Study Process

Anyone who decides to pursue an adoption must undertake a home study process. This is a screening procedure that determines if you are qualified for adoption. In addition to financial and background checks, you will meet with an adoption study worker who will evaluate you and your family. The worker will ask you personal questions like why you want to adopt a child, what your childhood was like, your current lifestyle and parenting philosophy. This process also determines that everything is legal. A qualified attorney can assist and prepare you for the home study process.

An Experienced Adoption Attorney Is Here to Help

Adoption is a complicated and often painful process. You can trust an experienced Palm Beach County attorney to guide you past the obstacles and do what is right for you and the child.

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