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Allegations of Domestic Battery

According to the Palm Beach Post, Attorney William Abramson, 47, faces domestic battery charges, in Palm Beach County, FL.  Mr. Abramson allegedly struck and pushed his girlfriend against her will, while calling her a “two bit whore.” The Palm Beach Post reported that the woman was taken to a local hospital for treatment, but the extent of her injuries are unknown at this time. Mr. Abramson, as many of you may remember, is a lawyer by trade and is responsible for defeating Judge Richard Wennet in the 2010 Circuit Court Judicial election. That 2010 Circuit Court election was won by Attorney William Abramson by 61 votes. In one of the most bizarre elections Palm Beach County ever has ever witnessed, even though Abramson won the judgeship, he was never seated on the bench.

The Florida Bar stripped William Abramson of his law license for a period of more than 91 days, before he could be sworn in as the next new Circuit Court Judge of Palm Beach County, FL. The Florida Supreme Court even got involved, when it reasoned that because Abramson was not eligible to practice law due to ethical misconducts, he certainly was not fit to sit on the Palm Beach County bench. The Florida Supreme Court did away with the election results and the will of the people by not seating William Abramson as a judge.

The new criminal allegations of domestic battery against West Palm Beach Traffic and Criminal Attorney, William Abramson, stem from an incident that occurred around 6 p.m. Sunday in Palm Beach Shores, FL. Police arrived at the parking lot of the Palm Beach Shores apartment complex, where Attorney Abramson and his girlfriend reside and found Abramson yelling from the parking lot at his girlfriend, calling her a “two-bit-whore.” From there things allegedly escalated, when Abramson grabbed the lady and threw her on the ground and began stomping on her; according to the police report. According to local residents of the apartment complex, things got so loud between Abramson and his girlfriend that the neighbors could hear the attack taking place and alerted law enforcement officers of the fight.

In Florida, the crime of Domestic Battery is a Misdemeanor of the 1st degree, punishable by up to 1 year in the county jail. In Order for the State of Florida to prove the crime of domestic battery, the State must show that the victim: (i) was actually and intentionally touched or struck by the defendant; (ii) that the touching or striking of the victim, was against the victim’s will and (iii) that the defendant actually intended to cause bodily harm to the victim.

The courts in Florida have always looked at the circumstances surrounding the touching or striking of the victim to determine the intent of the defendant in deciding whether or not the crime of domestic battery occurred. The Florida courts have reasoned that the defendant’s actions of spitting on another person in a heated argument actually constitutes the crime of battery. See Mohansingh v. State, 824 So. 2d 1053, 1054 (Fla. 5th DCA 2002). Furthermore, anything intentionally thrown by the defendant at the victim, which strikes the victim can also constitute the crime of domestic battery of their in a familiar or dating relationship.

Additionally, the words that neighbors or bystanders hear prior to an allegation of domestic battery are also relevant in determining the intent of the accused domestic batter. In C.C. v. State, 576 So. 2d 951 (Fla. 3rd DCA 1991) the Appellate court reasoned that the defendant’s actions of cursing and threatening the victim before the alleged use of force in committing the domestic battery, against the victim, was sufficient evidence to show the defendant’s intent to commit the crime of domestic battery.  This may pose a real problem for William Abramson in his trial for domestic battery, as the neighbors heard the altercation and Abramson reportedly calling his girlfriend a “two-bit-whore.”

Because the neighbors allegedly heard the fighting between Attorney William Abramson and his girlfriend, when he allegedly stomped her and called her a “two-bit-whore” will likely end up in the neighbors being subpoenaed by the State Attorney’s Office to testify at trial. As the C.C. v. State case holds, the defendant’s actions of cursing prior to the alleged domestic battery, especially at the victim like has been reported in Abramson’s case, are relevant to show the defendant’s intent to commit the domestic battery. Courts have long held onto the concept that one’s thoughts become one’s words, one’s words become one’s actions and those actions which manifested as words show the intent of the defendant in his or her commission of the criminal act.

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