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Andrew D Stine Defends Client Successfully In Palm Beach County Felony Battery Case

Making the choice to go to trial or plead guilty in a criminal case is up to the accused. But with proper guidance and information, the accused can make a better decision when they rely on an experienced criminal defense lawyer like Andrew D Stine.

On January 24, 2017, a Palm Beach County jury picked by Andrew D Stine came back with a not guilty verdict in an aggravated battery with a deadly weapon case.

The Case

In case number 15CF006162AWB, the defendant Michael Joseph, was charged with a second degree felony punishable by 15 years in prison. The State of Florida alleged that Mr. Joseph used his vehicle as a missile in running down and striking Nathanial Holmes, causing Holmes to receive severe bodily injuries in Belle Glade, FL.

The State of Florida presented its case, through many witnesses called to testify against Mr. Joseph. The State’s witnesses all testified that Mr. Holmes and Mr. Joseph were in a heated argument outside of a Hungry Howie’s restaurant in Belle Glade, FL. The State’s witnesses then testified that they heard Mr. Joseph’s vehicle rev and heard his tires spinning right before his vehicle darted into the street some 25 feet from its parking spot and struck thee victim, Nathanial Holmes. Mr. Holmes received severe bodily injuries after being struck by the vehicle.

Another key piece of testimony the witnesses provided was that Mr. Joseph could have drove off in a different direction (to his left and not to the right) but instead he struck down Holmes in the middle of Avenue D in Belle Glade, FL.

The Defense

Palm Beach Criminal Defense Attorney, Andrew D. Stine, called several witnesses on behalf of Mr. Joseph, who all testified that Nathanial Homes was the aggressor.Two of the witnesses testified that Nathanial Homes was carrying a firearm and actually brandished the weapon, prior to him allegedly being struck down by the vehicle.

The prior set of facts were highly contested in front of the jury and became a pivotal area of contention in the trial. This contention was borne out later when the jury sent out a note to the parties wanting to see the sworn statements by the two witnesses, made at the time of the crime. Both witness statements made at the time of the crime did not show that a gun was ever seen by the witnesses, let alone brandished in any manner by Mr. Holmes.

The statements of the two witnesses were not given to the jury for their consideration during their deliberation, but instead the judge agreed with Attorney Stine to send back a note to the jury telling them that they must rely on the evidence provided in open court.

This move paid huge dividends with the jury’s verdict.  

The Verdict

After about 45 minutes into deliberation, and after requesting the statements of the witnesses, the jury came back not guilty on all accounts. Click here to view the jury verdict form.

Experienced Criminal Defense In Palm Beach

When a defendant is facing a serious felony, like Aggravated Battery with a Deadly Weapon, it is imperative that you hire a battle hardened criminal defense lawyer with a winning record, like Andrew D. Stine.

Andrew D. Stine has over 13 years of trial experience under his belt and has handled thousands of criminal cases. When you or loved one are in need of an experienced criminal trial lawyer, in Palm Beach County, FL then call 561 832 1170 to assure you will get the most effective representation with Andrew D. Stine. Hire Stine or Do the Time.


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