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Andrew Stine – Criminal Defense Lawyer

Hi – my name is Andrew Stine. I have been practicing criminal law in West Palm Beach for over 10 years and I have a damn good track record. I am criminal defense lawyer, not an Internet blogger. So why am I doing this, you might ask.

The Internet has become an important communication tool for many businesses and services – including criminal law. Blogging is a good way to share information about this practice and help educate people about my profession. That why I am going to take a little time before my day starts and write about the life of criminal defense attorney.

Criminal defense is one of the toughest jobs in law. It is not just about breaking the law, it is about your reputation, your career and your freedom. Lives can be destroyed. Families can be torn apart. It is up to a criminal attorney to assert every defense on behalf of the defendant and prove his or her innocence. It doesn’t matter what the charge is – drugs, DUI, assault and battery, weapons or violation of probation. Nothing makes me happier than vindicating my client and returning him or her to their family. That is why my job is so rewarding.

You see a lot of criminal law on TV, in the movies and you read a lot about it in books. Well, it is different in real life. The judicial system can be a minefield. It is full of twists and turns. Deals are made and deals are broken. A defense attorney has to know how to navigate through that minefield. He has to do his homework, get his evidence before it goes away and line up his witnesses before they disappear. Above all – he has to have experience, a commanding knowledge of the law and a reputation as a fighter and a man who will go to the wall for you.

I am a West Palm Beach criminal defense lawyer. My job is to defend my client and that’s what I do best. Writing a blog is not my specialty but I’m going to give it my best shot. So hang in there with me – folks – this is going to be an exciting and informative experience. And thanks for reading my very first criminal law blog.

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