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Another Palm Beach County Man Is Arrested for Internet Child Pornography

internet-crimes_180x120-150x116A West Palm Beach man was recently charged with possessing 99 images of child pornography, according to authorities. Palm Beach police arrested Walter Devault, age 21. He is being held at the Palm Beach County jail on a $297,000 bond.

Palm Beach police spokeswoman Janet Kinsella said the arrest resulted from an investigation by the South Florida Internet Crimes Against Children task force, an agency comprised of local police departments that has been responsible for many arrests across the region and nation.

Internet Child Pornography – A Growing Problem in Palm Beach County

As more people use the Internet, more people are being charged with these crimes. The Sun-Sentinel reported 10 recent child porn cases in the South Florida area. According to some experts, internet porn suspects are getting younger and younger. In a recent California case, the suspect was only 15.

“We have a suspect right now who’s 15 who has some of the worst child porn I’ve ever seen, involving infants and dead children,” said a San Jose police detective. “It’s scary.”

Law enforcement and government agencies are aggressively pursuing these crimes. Many local police departments use Geo Tracking and IP routing to investigate violators. And even if you think you deleted something from your computer, experts can retrieve evidence from your hard drive.

Internet Child Pornography Defense in Palm Beach County

You can be arrested for downloading obscene material like child porn, or having it in your possession. An experienced Internet crimes defense attorney may be able to prove that the material is not “obscene” or the wrong person was arrested or the evidence was illegally confiscated and is inadmissible.

Online Child Solicitation Defense in Palm Beach County

When investigating charges about an online solicitation of a minor, a skilled computer crimes defense attorney will evaluate the methods law enforcement agencies used in obtaining evidence. These charges often result from online conversations with undercover agents in a chat room. An experienced Internet crimes lawyer may be able to prove that this was illegal entrapment.

Internet child pornography is a very serious crime in Palm Beach County. Have you been charged with this? Are you under investigation? Protect your rights. Protect your name and reputation. Hire a qualified attorney who has internet child pornography experience as soon as possible.

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