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Applying For a Job With a Criminal Record

1A criminal record, or “rap sheet” as it is sometimes called, is a document which provides information about someone’s history of contacts with law enforcement and the legal system. The type of information in a criminal record can vary, depending on the age of the person in question and the country. Such records are utilized for background checks and a variety of other tasks in which someone’s criminal history may be relevant.

A very basic criminal record will just contain a list of the crimes that someone has been convicted of. More detailed records include all arrests and their outcomes along with any crimes which have not been expunged from the record. The criminal record can also note down identifying information, such as height and weight, and other information which may be used descriptively along with the subject’s address.

Criminal records are technically public records, which means that anyone can access them. Public records are those records which are available for public inspection. These records are often offered for free to the public for review at the location where they are stored. In other cases, they may be available for a small fee. Public records are often named according to where they are kept, or where they originated.

Palm Beach County Official Records Website Information.

Applying For Job

When people apply for jobs, they may be asked to undergo a background check which will include a review of their criminal records. For a fee, employers can access a system which provides reports of this nature, or they may opt to hire people to perform background checks. Background checks are especially common for jobs where people will be handling sensitive or valuable material or working with children; teachers, for example, need to successfully pass a background check which checks for any signs which indicate that they might be a risk to students.

How Much to Reveal

Depending on the state, an applicant may not have to reveal any or some types of potentially damaging information, such as arrests not resulting in convictions or convictions for minor matters. Some states have procedures to judicially “erase” a criminal record. A criminal defense attorney can help determine whether you may be eligible to get a conviction sealed, expunged or otherwise legally minimized.

Tips for Workplace Re-entry
  • Be honest. Employers are interested in employees they can trust, and almost all information on a job application can be checked and verified. Even if it may close the door to certain positions, telling the truth is the best way to get a job that the applicant can keep over the long haul. Remember, in some states not all convictions must be revealed nor can potential employers ask for certain information.
  • Start the job search with family, friends and acquaintances that may be more likely to take a chance on hiring someone they know, despite a criminal record.
  • Do not expect the first job after a conviction to be your ideal job. It is more important to get started somewhere and create a track record, since employers know that a good indicator of future job performance is past job performance. Consider temporary or entry-level positions to build your résumé.
  • Understand where the employer is coming from. It has to balance its legal and ethical obligations to you, to its employees and to the public.
  • Investigate employment services. Most states have public agencies that administer programs to help people find employment, sometimes specifically designed for those with criminal histories.
  • Refrain from alcohol and drug use. Some employers require employee drug testing.
  • Consider the nature of your past offense. Apply for jobs where that kind of offense is less likely to be an issue of concern.
West Palm Beach Criminal Defense Attorney

To better protect yourself throughout your involvement with the criminal justice system, consult with an informed, knowledgeable criminal defense attorney. Your lawyer can work hard on your behalf to see that protections afforded criminal defendants are preserved for you.

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