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Are Your Tax Dollars Paying for Oxycodone Prescriptions in Pill Mills?

Did you know that Medicaid paid for more than 49 million doses of oxycodone pills over two years? The Palm Beach Post conducted an analysis of 1.7 million Florida prescription records but astoundingly, only 1.36 million adults are enrolled in Medicaid. There are no doubts that doctors in pill mills are continuing to peddle pills to addicts and drug dealers even as the state of Florida wars with the flow of prescription drug trafficking.
The in-depth analysis breaks down the amount of prescriptions paid for
by Medicaid in relation to the famous pill mill busts in 2010 and 2011.

Oxycodone Trafficking in Florida

The Palm Beach Post conducted an analysis on the flow of oxycodone throughout the state of Florida and where the funding for drug continues to come from – tax dollars. Records show that mid-level prescription oxycodone was one of the most frequently prescribed medications in the past two years. Taxpayers supposedly paid for more than 1 million doses of oxycodone working in pill mills. According to the article, Medicaid paid more than $27 million for oxycodone pills in 2010 and 2011. Many of the prescriptions were filled and paid for at known or suspected pill mills.

Oxycodone is causing chaos within state legislation as it is the state’s leading cause of prescription drug deaths. 102,000 of these doses link directly to the George brothers of wellington, who were charged with racketeering, money laundering, and even first-degree murder for an overdose death. Almost 260,000 doses were written by Dr. Joseph Hernandez of Lake City, Fla., and Medicaid paid about $200,000 for the pills he prescribed in a two year span. After 34 overdose deaths (out of the almost 800 patients treated), Hernandez was charged with trafficking and his license to practice was suspended.

It is amazing to see that the pill dubbed to be one of the leading causes of overdose deaths in the state of Florida is getting a huge percentage of its funding from Florida taxpayers. Loved ones of those who have died due to the highly-addictive narcotic will be in an outrage after seeing this analysis.

Drug Trafficking Criminal Defense

Florida law enforcement has legitimately declared oxycodone as the no. 1 enemy on the list. If you have been charged with prescription drug trafficking, you are in for a very long haul. A criminal defense lawyer will be able to investigate your case and ensure you a fair trial. However with legislation cracking down on the flow of oxycodone, it is going to be a very difficult process with extremely severe consequences, so it is imperative that you contact a criminal defense lawyer immediately after you are arrested.

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