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Armed Burglary Charge Related to Major League Baseball Drug Scandal

Theft-150x150The scandal that began in January of this year, with Miami New Times reporting that Biogenesis, a Miami clinic run by Anthony Bosch, who had likely provided banned substances to some of Major League Baseball’s biggest names. Among them: the New York Yankees’ Alex Rodriguez, the Milwaukee Brewers’ Ryan Braun, and the Washington Nationals’ Gio Gonzalez.

The story was backed up by hundreds of pages of original documents from the clinic, which is located near the University of Miami. It became the talk of the baseball world and was followed by ESPN, the New York Times, and virtually all national sports media.

The scandal has resulted in the biggest round of mass suspensions for performance-enhancing drug use in baseball history.

MLB story continues today as Reginald St. Fleur, 20, appears in Palm Beach County court facing one charge of armed burglary, accused of stealing documents from Porter Fischer’ car that were reportedly linked to Major League Baseball’s performance-enhancing drug scandal. Porter Fischer worked at Biogenesis of America, the now-closed Florida anti-aging clinic whose owner, Anthony Bosch, has been accused of providing banned PEDs to Rodriguez and other baseball players.

Mr. Fischer believes that the break in March was no random break-in and that he was targeted.

“I was definitely targeted. I’m positive,” Porter Fischer told The Palm Beach Post by phone Thursday. “People break into cars to take stereos … people don’t break in to steal four boxes of files.”

In the meeting with the Boca Raton police, Fischer was not able to discuss who he thought did the targeting.

According to a police report, the burglary happened on March 25 at the tanning salon where Mr. Fischer was a regular. Boca Raton Police believe Reginald St. Fleur, a 20-year-old employee of Boca Tanning, broke into Fischer’s car. In addition to MLB documents, Fisher said a .32 Beretta pistol, cash, gym clothes, and electronics were stolen from the trunk and inside of his car.

The accused, St. Fleur of Boynton Beach is in the Palm Beach County Jail facing one charge of armed burglary. Judge Caroline Shepherd set his bail at $30,000 Thursday morning.  For complete details on this story, please visit the source.

Burglary Crimes in Florida

Burglary is the criminal offense of breaking and entering any dwelling or building illegally with the intent to commit a felony or crime. Depending on the gravity of the offense, it can be classified into different degrees. Degrees of burglary are defined by each state’s laws. Burglary offenses in Florida are covered in chapter 810 of the Florida statutes.

In burglary crimes, the prosecutor must prove three basic elements beyond a reasonable doubt. They are:

1.      Defendant entered a place or structure, which was owned by or possessed lawfully by another person. (A person can be an individual or a corporation or any legal entity which can own property)

2.      Wrongful entering. Here a type of entry must be established. A welcome visit vs. prohibited/unwelcome.

3.      One of the most critical elements of proving the charge of burglary in Florida is that at the time of the entering, the person had the fully formed intent to commit an offense.

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