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Banned Drug Use and Doping

banned-drug-useAlex Rodriguez, Others May Be Suspended in Doping Scandal-ESPN report

Major League Baseball is expected to speak with the founder of defunct anti-aging clinic who is part of an ongoing investigation for allegedly supplying performance enhancing drugs to about 20 players, which could result in suspensions to superstars Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun, according to ESPN.

Tony Bosch, the founder of Biogenesis of America in Miami, Fla., has agreed to talk with MLB this Friday about its ongoing investigation and to supply information about the doping scandal, according to ESPN program “Outside the Lines,” citing sources familiar with the situation.

Bosch is expected to say that he provided banned drugs to players and, in the case of Rodriguez, he injected the ailing New York Yankee slugger himself, ESPN reported.

Rodriguez, a third baseman, and Braun, an outfielder with the Milwaukee Brewers, could each be slapped with a 100-game suspension for doping, which would count as a first offense, as well as lying to MLB officials about their PED-use, which would constitute a second offense, a source told ESPN.

If the suspensions are upheld, the doping scandal would be the largest in American sports history, according to ESPN. Source

Doping is defined as the occurrence of one or more of the Anti-Doping Rule Violations (ADRV) as set out in the World Anti-Doping Code (The Code) Doping includes the presence of a prohibited substance or markers in an athlete’s sample. The deliberate use, attempted use or inadvertent use by an athlete of a substance or method that is included on the WADA Prohibited List. Anti-Doping Rule Violations (infractions) are defined in the World Anti-Doping Code and also include other such things as refusing a test, tampering with a sample, trafficking, possession of prohibited substances or methods assisting others to dope.

In Sports, doping is when an athlete uses a substance, generally an illegal drug or drug that can only be obtain via a prescription, that that they believe will affect their performance for the better.

Athletes can be asked to provide either a urine sample or a blood sample or both in the one session. If the athlete is required to provide both this can be done in any order. It can depend on the athlete’s ability to provide the urine sample as sometimes this takes some time, especially if the athlete has been training or competing as they may be dehydrated.

What are the penalties for a doping infraction/anti-doping rule violation?

The World Anti-Doping Code states that except for specified substances, an athlete will be banned as follows:

  1. First violation: Two years ineligibility
  2. Second Violation: Lifetime ineligibility

There are ways that athletes may be able to reduce there if they can show they did not set out to cheat.

Is marijuana banned?

From 1st January 2004, Marijuana (cannabinoids) and synthetic cannibinoids (e.g. Kronic & Spice) was added to the WADA Banned List and will be tested in competition for all sports.

Source-Drug Free Sport Org.

Drug laws and drug crimes have gotten lots of attention in the past decade. Laws in every state and at the federal level prohibit the possession, manufacture, and sale of certain controlled substances — including drugs like marijuana, methamphetamine, ecstasy, cocaine, and heroin. In both the federal and state criminal justice systems, most of the cases stem from charges of possession, manufacturing, or trafficking of controlled substances.

West Palm Beach Drug Charges Attorney

Many drug crimes in Florida are subject to mandatory minimum prison sentences of at least three years. Even if you are not facing prison time, the arrest can have a profound effect on both you and your family. At the law firm of Andrew D. Stine, P.A., in West Palm Beach, we will take a proactive approach in defending you.

Many drug cases can be resolved if your lawyer has you immediately perform community service and complete a short drug class, as it is essential that the state’s charging attorney understands what type of person you really are. Such actions also provide evidence that shows you are much more than what the law enforcement agent makes you out to be. By being proactive, we can often get a withhold of adjudication, which would preserve your driver’s license and keep you from having a criminal record.

If you face serious drug charges, lawyer Andrew Stine is experienced in attacking the government’s case against you. Drug cases often involve a confidential informant, who is usually another person who has been arrested on drug charges. By finding out who the confidential informant is—which we can in many cases—we may be able to do away with the state’s case. We can also seek to get drug evidence excluded, if the search and seizure was illegal.

Defense lawyer Andrew Stine handles all types of drug charges from simple possession to large scale trafficking of marijuana, cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, Oxycontyn, and other controlled substances. Being proactive in a drug case can often make the difference between facing felony or misdemeanor charges, or whether any charges are filed at all.

Free consultation 24/7: Call West Palm Beach criminal defense lawyer Andrew D. Stine, P.A. at 561.880.4300 Se habla español.

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