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Be Aware of A New Kind of Credit Card Fraud

Fraud is a very serious crime in the state of Florida. The charges only increase in severity with the amount of money stolen by fraudulent actions. Unfortunately, fraud is one of the most common types of theft that happens on a daily basis. As technology develops, fraudulent schemes become more and more advanced. With advancing schemes, law enforcement are having a more difficult time tracking down criminals and the systems they are using. These days, credit card fraud and online identity theft is one of the biggest problems that the Economic Crimes Division has to deal with.

A Skimmer is Credit Card Fraud

People are now being made aware of a new credit card fraud called a skimmer. It is a device that reads the mag stripe on your card and then writes it onto another card so the perpetrator can have a physical card on hand. WPTV News posted an article on how certain locations can be more popular for people committing fraud to use skimmers.

The article says that some of the most riskiest places to swipe your card are ATM’s or pay-at-the-pump gas stations. Outside locations are much easier for a scammer to place the devices. Inside locations are more difficult, but a disgruntled former employee would have access to it. According to the article, restaurants are also on the list because a server has access to your card and could be using a skimmer.

Shopping online is considered high risk especially if you’re not familiar with the site as well as businesses that keep your account information on hand to make future purchases easier may also put you at risk. If the business is hacked your information is compromised.

WPTV News states that the best way to defend yourself against this type of fraud is to consistently check your finances, even several times a week. Banks will usually refund the charges that have been stolen from your account within a 60-day period by way of fraud.

Criminal Defense

If you have been charged with fraud, an experienced criminal defense lawyer who has a good working relationship with the prosecutor can help to reduce your charges to simply paying restitution.

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