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Crimes Of Assault And Battery

A judge has set a tentative trial date for the case against former tennis star Jennifer Capriati to be heard on Dec. 17. Capriati, who is charged with battery and stalking her ex-boyfriend in February, did not attend the brief hearing. Her attorney, Richard Lubin, was there and asked Judge August Bonavita for permission to depose the prosecution’s witnesses in the case. Capriati was charged in March with stalking and battery stemming from an alleged Valentine’s Day altercation with her ex-boyfriend at a North Palm Beach gym. The battery charge is connected to a Feb. 14 incident in which Capriati, 36, allegedly punched Ivan D. Brannan Jr. of Singer Island, at the Oxygen Health & Fitness Gym on U.S. 1. She began screaming at Brannan, then stuck her finger in his chest when he was trying to walk away, according to a police report. A witness reported seeing Capriati punch […]

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Florida Assault And Battery Charges Explained

A second man has been arrested for an alleged attack on a man in March at the Rib Roundup concert in suburban West Palm Beach. Daniel Cavanagh, 26, of Jupiter, was arrested late Wednesday on a charge of felony battery for his alleged role in a March 9 attack that left a Cruzan Amphitheatre security employee with permanent facial disfigurement. He was released from the Palm Beach County Jail Thursday on $10,000 bond. Cory Tharpe, 25, was arrested the night of the alleged incident. Tharpe, who was later released on bail, is also facing a battery charge. According to a Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office arrest report, a Cruzan security employee was trying to break up a fight and pull Tharpe off a coworker when Cavanagh intervened. Source Assault And Battery Criminal Charges Although assault and battery are often related crimes and discussed together, the two are actually distinct offenses. […]

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Aggravated Battery Charges With A Deadly Weapon

A West Palm Beach man is facing aggravated battery charges after allegedly throwing a metal chair on a woman while she was sleeping and later shooting a gun in her bedroom. Freddie Lee Holmes, 47, was arrested by West Palm Beach Police on Monday afternoon. He remained at the Palm Beach County Jail on Tuesday without bond. According to a probable cause affidavit, Holmes entered the home of an unidentified woman in December. The woman was sleeping in the master bedroom and woke up when Holmes allegedly threw the metal chair at her. Holmes, she said, was sitting at the edge of her bed. Afraid for her life, the woman tried to crawl out of her bed, but then heard gunshots and the sound of shattered glass from a ceiling lamp (full story, source). Battery is defined as an unlawful and intentional touching or striking of another person against the […]

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Aggravated Assault Charges And Resisting Arrest With Violence

With an open can of Steel Reserve beer in his hand, Marc Madeus, 31, of Lake Worth, strolled down the middle of the 700 block of North H Street in Lake Worth just after 3 a.m. on Wednesday, according to a Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office arrest report. A Sheriff’s Office deputy on patrol saw Madeus with the beer and ordered him to stop. After the deputy yelled a second time for Madeus to stop, he walked about 50 feet, turned around and yelled a profanity. He then picked up a Heineken bottle and chucked it at the deputy, where it broke about three feet away according to the report. Madeus fought with the deputy when he tried to arrest Madeus, then Madeus threw the can of Steel Reserve beer at the deputy. Madeus also punched the deputy in the gut and grabbed his testicles, according to the report. Madeus […]

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Domestic Violence and Aggravated Battery Charges in Florida

A suburban West Palm Beach man is facing aggravated battery and child abuse charges after he allegedly struck his children’s mother with a belt and power cord, according to police. Investigators then went to Andrews’ home, where they found the children’s mother with a bandage on her left ear. The woman, who was not identified, appeared afraid of police and would speak only to the DCF worker. The woman said Andrews beat her in the back with a belt and a power cord. The woman showed investigators the marks on her back. As investigators were questioning the woman, Andrews walked into the house with the children. The children stayed with their mother while police questioned Andrews, who admitted to pushing the woman during an argument and then admitted he struck her with a belt and a power cord. Andrews was arrested Wednesday, and remained in jail Saturday afternoon without bail. […]

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Lesser Punishments for National League Athletes in Criminal Cases

Former NFL wide receiver David Boston’s hands brought him years of glory on collegiate and professional football fields. But in Palm Beach County court Friday, those hands led to a jail sentence (source, full story). Circuit Judge Charles Burton ordered Boston to immediately begin serving a six-month term for an aggravated battery conviction. Boston, 34, last month pleaded guilty to the felony charge that resulted from a Nov. 30, 2011, incident involving a female friend at a home in Boca Raton. Boston, during an alcohol-fueled confrontation, hit a woman above the left eyebrow, creating a wound requiring 10 stitches. Burton compared that “violent act” to being “like Mike Tyson hitting you,” unlike weaker people who aren’t star athletes. But the judge also gave the former Miami Dolphins player a big break, declining a request from Assistant State Attorney Christy Rogers for Boston to serve a four-year sentence. Rogers had cited […]

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Assault And Battery in Domestic Violence Cases

Domestic violence has many different definitions. Florida Statute 741.28 defines domestic violence as “any assault, battery, sexual assault, or any criminal offense resulting in physical injury or death of one family or household member by another who is or was residing in the same single dwelling unit”. (source) It is against the law to physically hurt another adult, no matter how the two people are related. Every survivor of domestic abuse has a right under Florida law to be protected. There are two kinds of courts that handle domestic violence: Criminal Court and Civil Court. Civil Court Civil Court hears non-criminal matters such as divorce, child custody and Injunctions for Protection (This court, for example, may order a parent to pay child support, or it may order that the children not be removed from the state without approval of the court. If a civil order is not obeyed, the judge […]

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Assault And Battery On A Police Officer

Assault is generally defined as an attempt to commit battery. Assault on a police officer is assault committed on a peace officer responsible for perserving public order, promoting public safety, and preventing and detecting crime. When most people think of a charge of assault on a police officer, they imaging a violent confrontation, resisting arrest, and maybe even someone under the influence of drugs going crazy, and getting violent. But many situations where someone ends up charged with assaulting a cop are much less dramatic, and more nuanced. You can be charged with assault on a police offer if (source): You swing your arms to get away from a fight or other situation, and accidentally strike a police officer You drive to close to a police officer by the side of the road (assault with a vehicle is also consider assault with a dangerous/deadly weapon) Any minor physical contact during […]

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Aggravated Battery Charge In Palm Beach County

A judge this morning ordered former South Palm Beach Mayor Marty Millar be released under supervision from jail. Millar, who is facing charges of aggravated battery and resisting an officer with violence, was also ordered to consume no alcohol and have no contact with the alleged victim in the case. Millar is accused attacking a man at the Dirty Martini in Downtown at the Gardens off Lake Victoria Gardens Avenue on Thursday because the man had left a previous bar with Millar’s girlfriend. Millar, 66, allegedly used a black flashlight to attack the man, according to the arrest report. Earlier in the night, Millar’s girlfriend had approached a 38-year-old man at the Angry Moon Cigar Bar and told him Millar was being “abusive toward her,” the report said. Millar’s girlfriend then asked the man if he could give her a ride “to get her away from Millar.” Read a full […]

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The Long-Term Consequences Of A Domestic Violence Conviction

West Palm Beach man was arrested on Thursday, accused of beating his girlfriend with a “wooden 2×4.” Steve Devon Bedward, 27, is being held at the Palm Beach County Jail in lieu of $25,000 bail on charges of aggravated battery. West Palm Beach Police officers were sent to the couple’s home in the 1000 block of Selkirk Street to reports of a domestic violence incident. When they arrived, they spoke with Bedward’s 43-year-old girlfriend, who had a “bloody lip and raised red marks on her right upper arm,” according to the arrest report. When confronted by police, Bedward said that their fight started when the couple’s roommate came “banging on the their door, asking where her pills were,” the report said. Because he didn’t want to talk to their roommate, Bedward says his girlfriend got “mad” at him, grabbed a steak knife and cut him. Bedward said after he was […]

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