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Car Theft in West Palm is a Troubling Trend

car-grand-theft-lawyer-south-floridaExperts have been reporting a strong decline in the number of car thefts over the past decade. This decline may be a result of new and improved security technology, better response rates on the side of law enforcement, or a variety of other reasons. However, the Palm Beach Post has recently published an article attesting that fun fact, after a near decade of declining car thefts, grand theft auto seems to be a crime on the rise yet again. More often than not, cars are stolen and used to commit other crimes, or are stripped and sold for parts.

Grand Theft

Car theft is charged as grand theft as the value of the property stolen is greater than $300. However, this is usually not the only charge involved if you have been accused of stealing a vehicle. Depending on the situation, there could be residual charges such as assault, aggravated assault, robbery, and many others that are involved when grand theft of a motor vehicle is in question. If you have been accused of motor vehicle grand theft, be sure to contact a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.

Vehicle Thefts Rise

According to the Palm Beach Post, From Palm Beach Gardens to Wellington to Boca Raton, there was a slight increase in the number of vehicle thefts last year. While the rise was a mere 0.9 percent, it marks the first time in nearly a decade that more vehicles were reported stolen in the county than the year before, the state statistics show.

Area law enforcement officials caution that it’s too soon to determine whether the one-year rise reflects an emerging trend. They acknowledge, however, that some specific incidents have been troubling.

Vehicles are being targeted for a variety of reasons, officials say. Sometimes the thefts are crimes of opportunity. In addition, stolen vehicles are useful in the commission of other crimes – the most popular of which lately are ATM thefts, according to the Post.

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