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Charged with Money Fraud Crimes

Felony fraud is a type of criminal act. Essentially, fraud is using deceptive actions to harm another party or to benefit personally. For example, a person who uses the postal service to illegally obtain money from another party may be guilty of fraud. Felony fraud is the most serious type of fraud; it often involves government agencies, large sums of money, or very valuable assets and carries higher penalties than more minor fraud offenses. Minor fraud cases may be referred to as misdemeanor offenses.

One of the types of fraud that many people are familiar with is check fraud. For example, a person may commit check fraud if he passes off a bad check to a merchant, creates a fake check, or forges someone else’s signature on a check. Different jurisdictions have different laws concerning check fraud. In most case, the severity of the crime determines whether it is considered felony fraud or a misdemeanor. If a person has used fraudulent check writing techniques to steal large sums of money or merchandise, this may be considered felony fraud; if he has repeatedly used check fraud to obtain money or merchandise, this may be considered felony fraud as well.

Counterfeiting refers to the imitation of something with the intent to deceive. As a general rule, people use the term specifically to refer to people who replicate currency in the hopes of passing it off as legal tender. However, a variety of things can be counterfeited, from designer handbags to legal documents. In terms of counterfeiting money, counterfeiting comes with severe consequences, as it is treated as a very serious crime in most nations around the world.

Counterfeit Bills Possession-PORT ST. LUCIE, FL

Police said two teenagers in possession of 46 $100 bills were arrested after they tried to use the phony cash to buy gift cards at a Walmart in Port St. Lucie. Source.

Clifford Lynch, 19, and a 15-year-old who WPBF 25 News is not identifying were arrested Monday on possession of counterfeit money charges.

According to a Port St. Lucie police report, Lynch, the 15-year-old and two others were caught trespassing at the Walmart after they tried to steal from the store the night before.

Police said Lynch had 27 $100 bills in his pockets, while the 15-year-old had 19 $100 bills.

According to the report, the teens claimed they got the bills from a man in West Palm Beach. Both denied knowing the money was counterfeit.

West Palm Beach Fraud Defense Attorney

At the law firm of Andrew D. Stine, P.A., in West Palm Beach, we have extensive experience representing people charged with fraud crimes, including mortgage fraud, mail fraud, wire fraud, securities fraud, tax evasion, insider trading, theft by fraudulent means, writing bad checks, and organized schemes to defraud.

In Florida, most fraud changes involve the Economic Crimes Division (ECD) putting together a great amount of evidence for presentation before a grand jury. The best way to resolve these cases is for your lawyer to have a good working relationship with the prosecutor and to try to avoid any serious consequences by paying restitution. In Florida, restitution outweighs incarceration, so if your lawyer can persuade the victim to drop charges in favor of receiving their money back, you can usually avoid a conviction.

If you did not commit the fraud crime, we can prepare an aggressive defense and force the state to prove its case. In many cases, that can be a difficult thing for the state to do.

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