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Client Testimonial

First Time in need of Criminal Defense

I found myself in an awfully scary and unusual circumstance for the first time in my life. I was facing a serious criminal charge for a careless decision I had made. I came across Mr. Stine’s website and met with him right away. He recommended that I follow his road map for success, and eventually everything started to work out in my favor. He is a lawyer with great experience and knowledge and someone who will work hard, meet with you to understand any questions or concerns you have. Mr. Stine was on top of every aspect of my case and if you need help I urge you to go and meet with him ASAP! … Hire Stine or do the Time!

A Former Client

Even When The Case Is Challenging, He Gets The Job Done

I am not one to need legal assistance usually. After finding myself in an uncharacteristic bind of disorderly conduct, I found Mr. Stine by a simple search on the internet. I couldn’t be happier that I did. Mr. Stine met with me the same day, put me at ease and walked me through the process. His legal expertise as well as the relationships with the legal community he’s forged through the years undoubtedly contributed to getting my case dismissed. His rates are reasonable, as well. I highly recommend Andrew D Stine for your legal needs.

A Former Client

The Best Attorney In The World!

I was in the process of losing my house and attorney Stine came through for me. His extensive knowledge of the law and his legal expertise saved me after I had a 24 hour eviction notice on my door as a result of my foreclosure. He filed an emergency motion and saved me and my kids from being thrown out. No other attorney could put together such a strong motion as attorney Stine. He does his research and fights with everything he can utilizing every resource to ensure that you get the best results. I’m more than happy and satisfied with this attorney. I’m a paralegal and have worked with many attorneys and can say that Stine is the best attorney I have ever met in my life. He will get you the results that you need. He will be upfront with you and understanding. You will not find another attorney like him. I recommend him to anyone that is seeking legal help. I put all my trust in him. Attorney Stine fights for you as if you were his family.


Reckless Driving

I hired Attorney Andrew Stine for Reckless driving. I explained my situation to him and told him that I didn’t do what they alleged that I did. He explained to me that I can go to jail for 90 days lose my license for 6 months and pay court costs. I was flabbergasted, so I looked it up and he was correct. He went to court for me and got it Noelle Prosequi, just had to take a driving test and clean up dogs for 10 hours. I was truly satisfied with the outcome. Highly recommended Attorney Stine. His motto Hire Stine or do the Time, is a great motto because I could be eating Boloney sandwiches right now.


Outstanding Attorney

Andrew Stine is an experienced, hard working, honest attorney who is committed to helping you get the best possible outcome. My life would have been ruined had an attorney with this level of competence not represented me. I was being charged with a felony and looking at five years in prison- Andrew Stine was able to get it reduced to a misdemeanor and I only had to pay the court costs. He is truly the best person to have on your side.

A Former Client

Hire Stine Or Do The Time!

Just as his logo say’s hire Stine or do the time,has every quality the should be found in a local lawyer,Great defense record,is loved my many,act’s like a friend and protects your rights to the fullest!


Hire Stine

Mr. Stine was very good and knowledgeable regarding my sons case. My son was arrested for a violation of probation several months ago. Mr. Stine was very comforting, and very empathetic in terms of helping my son. He won the case and my son was found not guilty for the violation. Mr. Stine has also helped our family with numerous probation clarifications with good results. We recommend Andrew D. Stine because he has the guts and a genuine care for peoples well being.


The Best Criminal Defense Attorney In South Florid

I hired Attorney Stine to represent me in a criminal case. I was riding a motorcycle without a license and was pulled over. I was given a citation for driving without a motorcycle license.this citation required me to appear in court.. I was scared, but Attorney Stine was professional and walked me through each step of the process. He was extremely knowledgeable and was always professional. He managed to get my citation thrown out and I avoided having my drivers license suspended. I would highly recommend him.

A Criminal Defense Client

Effective Lawyer with GREAT RESULTS!

I hired Andrew D Stine as a lawyer after being arrested for the first time on a marijuana charge. Being a professional I was very upset and I needed someone that would really work with my case. When I found this lawyer I already had been through 2 others. Hiring Mr Stine was the best choice I could have made! At standing point I have no convictions on my record. Florida drug laws are some of the toughest in the US. Glad to have found the smartest lawyer in Fl… Thanks for everything you did on my case… I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.


By Far The Best In South Florida!

Andrew has helped me with everything from Business Law, to minor criminal issues, to speeding tickets. I have refereed every person I know to his office. He is the only Attorney that I know that actually cares, and my favorite part about working with Mr. Stine’s office is that I can call his cell 24/7 in case of emergency!