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Community Outrage Over Arrest of Autistic Boy

juvenile-arrest-lawyer-150x120Many times, when an arrest occurs and hits the media, the community has the ability to influence the outcome of the case. When community members believe that the arrest was wrongfully conducted, people band together online or even in public in an attempt to rectify the situation. In this case, a 12-year-old boy was arrested for shoplifting. The catch is that the boy has been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, a highly-functioning level of autism. The mother of the child used Facebook to garner support from the community of people who understand the difficulty of raising a child with autism.

Wrongful Arrest in Boynton Beach

According to an article in WPTV News, Boynton Beach police this week arrested a boy with autism on shoplifting charges. A Spencer Gifts store employee called police Sunday after stopping the 12-year-old boy leaving with a $2.95 card. The manager originally wanted to press shoplifting charges against her son who suffers from Asperger’s syndrome, which can cause forgetfulness and distraction. The main issue at hand here is that her son may have forgotten he was holding the card when he left the store.

Jacqui Feldman, 48, the mother of the child, turned to Facebook for help. After several news media inquiries and a total outcry from a support group on a Facebook page for Single Mothers Who Have Children With Autism., store managers told authorities they no longer would press charges against the boy. One member of the Facebook group said an autism community would help Feldman pay the criminal defense lawyer she hired.

The police officer told Feldman he would not handcuff the boy, but that her son later would need to go to court and possibly into a juvenile offender’s program. The boy was barred from returning to the Spencer Gifts store for a year.

The article discussed how a lack of knowledge of Aperger’s syndrome could be a key player in the wrongful arrest. People expect those who suffer from the disorder to act like everyone else because they do not appear obviously handicapped.

Wrongful Arrest Defense

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