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‘Cookie Monster’ Arrested and Released for Violating Probation

violating-probation-lawyerProbation is a sentence ordered by a judge that allows a convicted criminal to live in society under the strict supervision or regulation by a probation officer. Probation
does allow someone to resume somewhat of a normal life but the restrictions are often up to the judge or the probation officer. In this case, the ‘Cookie Monster,’ Stefanie Woods, was arrested for violating her probation because she failed to turn in a gas receipt, show up for a meeting with a probation officer and failed to be at her designated locations at the time allotted. The prosecuting attorney argued fervently that this convicted felon, with a long history of crime, should not be allowed back into society.

Cookie Monster Crime

Stefanie Woods’ history is peppered with serious crimes and arrests. She is most widely known for stealing $168 from Girl Scout Gracie Smith back in 2008. She was also arrested in 2009 for armed robbery and kidnapping. While these charges are extremely serious, Woods has been on probation and has enrolled in Broward College, maintains a 3.57 GPA, and is a “model probationer,” as her attorney had said to a judge Thursday, according to WPTV News.

According to the article, the prosecuting attorney was unimpressed by Woods’ attempt to turn her life around. He stated “The 22-year-old should be held in jail without bond until her trial because of a past that shows her poor character.”

Woods has been released on a $10,000 bond. It will be interesting to see how her criminal defense lawyer handles the rest of the case, as he is attempting to have the violation of probation charge dismissed, with a handful of evidence on his side.

Violation of Probation

In Florida the most common types of Probation Violations are substantive and technical. Substantive violations occur when the Probationer commits a new crime violation. Technical violations occur when the Probationer omits to complete a condition or willfully violates a condition of his probation. If you have violated your probation (whether substantive or technical), you are going to need the expertise and skill of an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

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