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Corruption in the Florida Judiciary

Corruption that is rampant in the Florida Judiciary is no more apparent than in the case of Judge Ana I. Gardiner of Broward County, Florida. This former Judge, Ana I. Gardiner, has been recently disbarred by the Florida Supreme Court but the questions linger as to how deep her corruption has cut into the Broward County court system. Particularly the questions linger as to the sentences, rulings, determinations of facts, orders signed and all her overall actions while on the bench presiding over men and women who were facing criminal prosecutions in front of this twisted woman.

Former Judge, Ana I. Gardiner of Broward County, Florida has illuminated the reasons why the judiciary system is broken-human nature has frailty. But these frailties possessed by this evil Judge are not only her problem, but society’s problem. It is easy to sit in condemnation of a man or woman accused of heinous criminal acts. The ease comes from the inner child that somehow makes the sitter feel better about their own short comings. This ease again is only human nature, and we all possess it for better or for worse. But what make Judge Ana I. Gardiner of Broward County, Florida’s case so egregious is that she rigged the system with a Prosecutor on death penalty cases. Judge Ana I. Gardiner of Broward County, Florida condemned those to death with her egregious, evil, heinous rulings. Imagine the wickedness in one’s heart, as a judge like Ana I. Gardiner of Broward County, Florida to condemn a man or woman to death because of unclean motives like lust!

Former Judge Ana I. Gardiner of Broward County, Florida and former Assistant State Attorney Howard Scheinberg, the lead prosecutor in the death penalty cases she was presiding over would text message each other, telephone each other, meet at bars and restaurants and a variety of other things would occur between the two “while the death penalty cases” were in full swing. The conduct between the two government entities, the judiciary and the executive branches, was so alarming that a first year law student recommended to the both of them at a “bar” that the sight of the two twisted individuals was so egregious to this young student that the student in fact raised the question of “the possible appearance of impropriety” that might arise from the judge and the lead prosecutor in a pending murder trial socializing while the death penalty case was ongoing. The condemned man who was not invited to the bar gathering with the Judge and Prosecutor was not only convicted of murder in front of former Judge, Ana I. Gardiner of Broward County, Florida but this twisted woman also followed the advice and recommendation of her “twisted” dinner date, Assistant State Attorney Howard Scheinberg and imposed the death penalty against the condemned defendant, Mr. Loureiro.

The significant and emotional relationship, between Judge Ana I. Gardiner and Assistant State Attorney Howard Scheinberg, is a microcosm in the problems outline in the Florida Courts because of the normal matriculation in judgeship from Prosecutor to Judge. Sleeping your way to top, back room deals, money changing hands, future promises made, to get from prosecutor to judge allows for the public and society to lose. Because when these backroom deals occur to elevate prosecutor to judge the public is left out of the deal, much like Mr. Loureiro the condemned Broward County man was left out of the bar date between his Judge Ana I. Gardiner and Assistant State Attorney Howard Scheinberg.

In one last twisted event, it is reported that former judge Ana I. Gardiner married her bar counsel, Attorney David Bogenschutz. David Begenschultz was the lawyer she hired to represent her in front of the Florida Supreme Court. Attorney David Bogenschutz was aware that he was marrying a woman charged with violating her ethical duty in a death penalty case, when she exchanged 949 telephone calls, 471 text messages and “pics” with the former death penalty prosecutor, Howard Scheinberg, all while the death penalty case was pending. This former judge’s decision to marry her bar lawyer was unsuccessful in that she got a full Disbarment from the Florida Supreme Court-how amusing this twisted woman’s idea of a date has become to her career path.

But do not lose sight of who lost here-the public lost. The foundation of the judiciary has been shaken, not just because the former judge is twisted, but because a man’s death hangs in the balance of her misconducts with the former prosecutor.

This read is a direct result of a broken system. The judiciary in Florida, as it is in the Federal level and across the 49 other states of America, is in shambles. America’s judiciary has lost its integrity and will continue to do so, so long as it yields its power, through its rulings, to the Executive Branch of Government.

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