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Criminal Traffic Violations

policecardui_180x120-150x118Traffic violations are generally divided into two categories: parking violations and moving violations. Moving violations are the more serious of the two, carry stiffer penalties, and occur while the vehicle is in motion.

Among moving traffic violations, speeding is the most common. If the driver’s manner of speeding is also posing a threat to the lives of pedestrians or other traffic, he or she might also be charged with reckless endangerment. Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol are also illegal, as is driving a vehicle that is in unsafe condition — for instance a vehicle with a broken windshield. In some states, using a cell phone while driving is illegal unless it is a hands-free style. Other traffic violations include not using a child’s safety seat for small children and failing to fasten your safety belt.

Though traffic violations can differ from state to state, following is a list of some common infractions and misdemeanors:

Parking illegally, e.g. in a red zone, taxi or bus zone, temporary zone, or in a disabled parking spot without a disabled sticker on your vehicle.

¨      Running a red light.

¨      Making an illegal turn by turning against a light or against a posted sign.

¨      Failing to stop completely at a stop sign before proceeding through.

¨      Taking the right-of-way when it belonged to another driver.

¨      Changing lanes without using the turn indicator.

¨      Using the diamond or carpool lane without sufficient passengers.

¨      Driving a vehicle without properly functioning turn signals and brake lights.

¨      Driving at night without headlights.

¨      Transporting an oversized load in an unsafe manner.

¨      Hitting another vehicle, be it parked or moving.

What do I do if get a traffic ticket in FL?

You’ll plead either guilty, no contest (or nolo contendre), or not guilty―and you must do so within the allotted amount of time. Some counties allow 90 days; others allow only 30. Your traffic ticket should notify you of how many days you have to respond, but if you lost your ticket or it doesn’t give the information contact the court in the county you received the ticket.

Pleading not guilty, no contest, or nolo contendre means you’ll pay the ticket fine and any other applicable court costs. You might incur points on your driving record points on your driving record and you may experience an increase in auto insurance rates, but often drivers bypass these penalties by enrolling in an approved Basic Driver Improvement Course.

If you plead guilty, you’ll schedule a hearing date, perhaps solicit the help of a traffic ticket attorney, and make your case in court. If you win, you’re good to go (except for the attorney fees), but if you lose you’ll forfeit any possibility of pleading to a lesser charge or enrolling in a course for point reduction, and you’ll have to pay all the fines and fees.

How can I get a Florida traffic ticket dismissed?

For the most part, this depends on what you mean by “dismissed.”

Some (but not all) drivers can get their traffic tickets dismissed if they:

Show the court or even the officer that they’re abiding by the law. (For instance, if an officer pulls you over for an expired registration, but you swear your proof is at home on the kitchen table, he may give you a certain number of days to present it and have the ticket dropped.)

Contest the ticket in court, with or without a traffic ticket lawyer, and win your case.

Consider the nature of your violation and perhaps seek the advice of a lawyer before determining how to go about getting your ticket dismissed.


West Palm Beach Traffic Crime Attorney

Seeing individuals pulled over on the side of the road for traffic offenses is a common occurrence. It is so common that when individuals receive citations for traffic offenses, they brush them off as minor inconveniences. However, if an individual receives numerous traffic crimes offer a short period of time, they can add up and lead to serious repercussions. If you have been charged with a traffic crime, it would benefit you to take it seriously from the start. It would also be in your best interest to consult with an experienced traffic crimes attorney who can educate you on your legal options.

Andrew D. Stine aggressively represents drivers who have been charged with traffic offenses in Boynton Beach, Riviera Beach, West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Greenacres, Wellington, Lake Worth, and the surrounding areas. Attorney Stine has years of criminal defense experience and will work tirelessly to achieve the clients desired outcome.

Contact Andrew D. Stine, P.A. at 561.880.4300and set up a consultation on your traffic offense. Your first consultation is free and it is a necessary step in planning your defense.

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