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Crystal Meth

Crystal-Meth-150x150Crystal methamphetamine is an illegal narcotic that is beginning to flood the Florida peninsula. The drug known as “meth,” “ice” and sometimes “glass” gets its name from the color, shape and size of how the drug is illegally made. The drug is made easily with over the counter medicines and household products. Most crystal meth is made in homes or garages in Florida but a growing trend is to produce the drug in roving labs. Roving labs are set up in the back of pick-up trucks or vans and the drug is produced on the go. The meth cookers are working to get the ephedrine that is the main ingredient in the illegal producing of Meth.

Ephedrine is relatively a new drug in our history. Ephedrine was first documented in 1880’s in China. The drug was not used or circulated until the 1920’s and then widely used throughout the 1950’s to treat asthma, colds and other respiratory diseases. The drug has very high addictive qualities and recently most Countries have banned the use of the drug. Because of this ban, meth cookers are on the rise throughout the State of Florida.

Crystal meth is relatively easy to make. Crystal meth is made by breaking down common cold and allergy medicines. The process is to make the pseudoephedrine or ephedrine into a powdery substance. Ephedrine comes from medical labs as a powder, but for meth dealers they must separate the ephedrine from its source which is more than likely “cold” and “allergy” pills. The process of separation is done in many ways but more than likely it is achieved through putting the cold and allergy tablets into a solvent. The solution containing the solvent and the pills is then lowered by temperature fluctuation, and then the pseudoephedrine separates out from the pills and then can be used for the illegal drug trade.

Once the meth is made it can be illegally sold to addicts, or Meth Heads, for tens of thousands of dollars from just two days of cooking. The addictive properties of Meth are akin to the pleasures of Sex and high Praise. The receptors in the brain that the illegal meth triggers are the dopamine sites.  Dopamine is a natural occurring chemical of the human brain. Dopamine is released in the brain when the body experiences pleasure like during sex, food, achievement or praise. Meth elevates the level of dopamine and thus, the brain is functioning in an artificial euphoria. This artificial euphoria may fuel the highest level of addiction know to the human brain. Many meth users have stated that they “were hooked” or “addicted” after the first use of meth.

Meth is ingested into the body in many different ways. Meth may be injected, smoked, snorted or even swallowed whole. After the ingestion of meth into the body users have reported the high can last up to 12 hours. The high then leaves the meth user with the addiction of getting the euphoria back because after using meth the brain chemistry has been altered and the natural high from sex, food, pleasure and praise are no longer able to be achieved-naturally-without the use of the illegal crystal methamphetamine.

Florida law makes possession of even one rock of crystal methamphetamine a Felony. Florida prosecutors are aggressively prosecuting those who produce, distribute and use crystal methamphetamine throughout Florida. Florida prosecutors are also aggressively prosecuting the homeowners or vehicle owners of those who supply the “location” where the meth is being cooked. Use landlords who rent their homes and home owners who share their homes with those who cook meth are being arrested and prosecuted too. The rising tide of crystal methamphetamine in Florida is being prosecuted in the same manner that “crack” cocaine was prosecuted in the 1980’s throughout the Sunshine State.

Florida law also allows the government, through the Office of the Attorney General or Office of the State Attorney, to proceed with forfeiture proceedings of the real property and tangible property of where meth is being manufactured. So, if the meth is being produced in a home or apartment the home or apartment may be seized and fortified to the government, which then proceeds to sell the real property and keep the proceeds of the sale. Same is true for the automobile that the meth was being made in, transported in or used to purchase the drug. The government can and many times does take the tangible property and then auction off the automobile as with real property to the biggest bidder and keep the proceeds. It is very important to immediately consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney after an arrest for illegal narcotics like Crystal Methamphetamine. Your rights, freedoms and properties are at stake after an arrest for illegal drugs but with the assistance of a Criminal Lawyer, like the highly experienced West Palm Beach Criminal defense Attorney Andrew D Stine, your rights, freedoms and properties will be protected.

So, if you or a loved one is being investigated for producing, disturbing, or using crystal methamphetamine or have been arrested; do not speak to Law Enforcement Officers, instead call your Florida Criminal Defense Attorney Andrew D. Stine. Because if the police want to speak with you, you need to be speaking with West Palm Beach Criminal Defense Attorney Andrew D. Stine, who will protect your rights! Hire Stine or Do the Time!

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