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Defense Attorney Andrew D. Stine Comments on Casey Anthony Case

Courtroom-300x199According to the Palm Beach Post, some local defense attorneys expressed their opinions on the Casey Anthony murder trial on Monday, July 4.

Unsurprisingly, no verdict came after jurors in Orlando concluded their first day of deliberations Monday. Several local attorneys predict that we will not see a verdict until at least the end of the week; they believe the jurors will likely continue their debate for a couple of more days.

Local Attorney Opinions

One of our own local attorneys, Andrew D. Stine, West Palm Beach criminal defense lawyer said, “I don’t think they’ll agree on a number of things, and I do think there will be some infighting.”

Stine expressed that attorneys on both sides of the case presented their closing arguments well but the state’s circumstantial case was not as strong as they portrayed. Stine also pointed out there is a strong possibility that the jury may convict Anthony of the lesser charge of second-degree murder, rather than premeditated or felony murder as prosecutors are pushing for.

Both Stine and another defense attorney, Michelle Suskauer agreed that the defense made a great decision in keeping Anthony from testifying. If she testified, she may have had to answer questions about the several alleged lies she told that prosecutors exposed earlier in the trial.

Orange County Chief Circuit Judge Belvin Perry instructed jurors that they should not use the fact that Anthony stayed off the stand against her. Stine and Suskauer both say they hope the jury took those instructions to heart, but wouldn’t be surprised if one of them has already wondered aloud why Anthony didn’t testify.

Stine thinks defense attorney Jose Baez did as good a job as he could to attack the forensic evidence, saying that there was no evidence of chloroform poisoning found in Caylee’s system.

All above information can be found in the Palm Beach Post.

More to Come in the Casey Anthony Murder Trial?

Criminal defense lawyer Andrew D. Stine will continue to watch the trial and express his opinions as the jurors continue their deliberation. We will keep you posted on any updates.

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