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Delray Beach Teen Sex Crime Suspect Claims He Has an Alibi

gavel-150x12020-year-old Francisco Henry was brought back to Palm Beach County court yesterday to face charges in the Delray Beach, Florida, teen sex case. The crime occurred last month. According to reports, Henry and Spencer Britt, 17, robbed four teenagers who were playing cards in an abandoned house at gunpoint. Then, either Henry or Britt fired a handgun into a wall and forced the teenagers to engage in sexual acts with each other. The crime has shocked the city of Delray Beach and the entire state of Florida.

Henry’s lawyer – criminal defense attorney Andrew D. Stine – asked a judge to preserve evidence that can establish Henry’s alibi. Stine wants all videotapes from a nearby Publix and Wal-Mart, as well as statements witnesses have given to police, to be preserved as evidence.

Andrew D. Stine said only one of four victims identified Henry as an attacker, and that victim was only “30 percent” sure. Other victims could not identify Henry at all. Stine also said that according to the preliminary investigation, the gun that was “fired” to force them into sex acts was a toy gun incapable of generating a firing sound.

Stine said, “It certainly casts doubt on these people’s stories.”

Fransico Henry still has not been formally charged by Palm Beach County prosecutors.

False Accusation

A person falsely accused of committing a crime faces the same challenges as a guilty criminal defendant and needs an experienced criminal defense attorney by his or her side. Thousands of innocent citizens have been imprisioned over the years based on false accusation, mis-identification and false identification. The falsely accused individual must turn to an experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney to win his or her freedom. Then, if the charges are dismissed, this individual can turn back to the court for civil law suit recourse.

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