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Did You Get Charged with Aggravated Assault?

aggravated-assault_180x120-150x110You lost your temper and got into a fight. You threatened someone with a deadly weapon like a gun or a knife. Maybe the weapon was a rock or a stick. Normally that would be a simple “assault” but if you threatened to harm, kill or rape the victim while you were holding the rock or stick, that is “aggravated assault.” Aggravated assault is serious stuff.

Palm Beach County Assault Penalties

  • Assaultis defined as an intentional threat by word, or an act that seeks to physically harm another, along with an apparent ability to do so. It is a second degree misdemeanor, with a maximum penalty of 60 days in jail and a $500 fine.
  • Aggravated assault is defined as an assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill or with an intent to commit a felony. It is a third degree felony, with a maximum penalty of 5 years in jail and a $5000 fine.

You can bet an aggravated assault charge will be aggressively pursued by the Palm Beach County District Attorney’s office. You may be facing the charges mentioned above – even if it is your first offense – even if you didn’t start the fight or even if you didn’t mean it.

Palm Beach County Assault Defense

There are many ways an experienced Palm Beach County assault attorney can win this case for you. The prosecution may not tell you that their case is weak. Maybe the witness or victim has changed his or her story and doesn’t want to press charges. The prosecution won’t admit this unless they are challenged in court. The case should be dismissed for lack of evidence. Remember – the burden of proof rests solely on the prosecution. If you had no “intent” to injure another person, the charges can be reduced or dropped altogether.

Anyone can make a mistake. Only an experienced Palm Beach County assault defense lawyer knows how to get this case dismissed.

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