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Drugs are everywhere in Palm Beach County – from the seediest alleys in Riviera Beach to the fanciest homes in Boca Raton. In spite of the millions of dollars being spent on education, interdiction and incarceration, drugs are not going away. If you are a drug user, chances are you are going to get caught sooner or later. There is a mandatory minimum prison sentence of at least three years for many drug crimes in Florida. Here are some sobering statistics from Florida Department of Corrections:

Drug offenders who have been sentenced to prison under the current minimum 85% of sentence served policy will, on average, serve a significantly longer period of time in prison than at any time over the past 25 years. The average prison sentence under this policy has resulted in 2.5 years of incarceration compared to 1.8 years under the parole system of the early 1980’s and 1.2 years during the early prison release policy of the late 80’s and early 90’s.

Drug offenders will, on average, serve 2.5 years in prison if sentenced under the minimum 85% of sentence served policy in 2003-2004 compared to less than a year during the early prison release policy in 1988-1989.

Drug traffickers served an average of 2.3 to 2.9 years in prison every year from 1980-1981 to 1993-1994. In contrast, drug traffickers sentenced under the minimum 85% time served policy in 2003-2004 will serve an average of 5.1 years in prison.

Even if you are not facing prison time, an arrest can have a profound effect on you and your family. You need a good Palm Beach County criminal lawyer to help you reduce or dismiss the charges. Prosecutors do not take drug crimes lightly in Palm Beach County. But if the criminal defense attorney is experienced and proactive, you’ve got a fighting chance.

A proactive criminal attorney will review police evidence, collect his own evidence, look for any mistakes the police made and find out why the police came after you. The attorney can also get drug evidence excluded if the search and seizure was illegal. And if you hire the attorney before the charge is filed, there is a good chance you can keep the case from going any further.

If you face serious drug charges, a proactive criminal attorney will attack the government’s case against you and undermine the validity of the informant. Being proactive in a drug case makes the difference between facing felony or misdemeanor charges, or whether any charges are filed at all.

Drugs are not going away in Palm Beach County, no matter how much money is spent on education. So educate yourself a little if you take drugs. Learn about how a proactive criminal defense attorney can help if you face a drug crime charge.

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