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Failure To Appear Warrants and Capiases in Palm Beach, Florida

Failure To Appear In Court Warrants

Have a warrant for failure to appear?

When a failure to appear has been issued by a Florida court, the person who failed to appear should contact a criminal defense lawyer immediately so a motion to recall the warrant/capias can be filed.

Failure to appear warrants or capiases are issued by Florida judges when a person does not appear in court for a hearing. In order for the warrant to properly issue, the person named in the court event must have ‘notice’ of the hearing.

Notice To Appear

Notices to appear at court are usually provided by an arresting officer or an officer issuing a notice due to a traffic crime or misdemeanor. The citation or notice to appear will have a date and time on the bottom of the ‘ticket’  indicating where and when the accused should appear for their court date. Sometimes, however, Florida clerk of courts will issue notices to appear through the mail.

Regardless of how the notice to appear is received, the accused must show up to court or an arrest warrant will be issued. Failure to attend a scheduled court date will also result in a driver license suspension.

Reasons For Missing A Court Date

The list is exhaustive on why a person may have missed a court date but usually it is because the person either didn’t know or wasn’t able to attend their court hearing.

One reason why a person may have missed a court date is that they moved their address and never received the notice appear in the mail.

In some cases, the court date, time or location issued by the officer to the person may be incorrect, therefore the person cannot be held responsible for the government’s mistake.

Other times, a person may in fact receive a properly issued court date and just misplace it or loss the ticket. In those instances, the person missing the court date is unintentional and unwillful for which no warrant shall execute.

Whatever the reason for why a person missed a court date or failed to appear is of no importance to Attorney Andrew D. Stine, as he will file the appropriate motions to get your warrant or capias recalled and your Driver’s License cleared and re-instated.

Contact Andrew D Stine If You Have A Warrant For Failure To Appear in Palm Beach

If you or a loved one has a warrant for failure to appear or an open capias in Palm Beach, Florida,  contact criminal defense lawyer Andrew D. Stine at 561 832 1170 to get your warrant or capias recalled and your driver’s license re-instated. Hire Stine or do the Time!




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