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Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law Could Be Strengthened

The ‘Stand Your Ground Law’ is a very controversial law that has come into the spotlight in recent years. In many states, the law allows people to stand their ground and use deadly force as a means of self protection.

The Stand Your Ground Law In Florida

Florida was the first state in America to pass a stand-your-ground law 12 years ago and since, 34 other states have followed in their tracks.

Currently, the stand-your-ground law in Florida states that residents are allowed to use force as a method of self-defense if they feel as though their lives are in danger. Defendants can opt for immunity under the current law as long as there is evidence present.

The state of Florida has just passed measures that would bolster the law, taking the problem off the shoulders of defense attorneys and into the hands of prosecutors in court. The bill passed this month states that prosecutors will have to justify why an individual should not be granted immunity from the crime. The law applies to shootings, domestic violence, misdemeanors, and assaults without guns.

The passage of this bill is stirring the pot throughout the sunshine state and some people are not pleased.

Grounds For Controversy

“This new revised stand-your-ground law may really inhibit the proper functioning of the judicial system,” said Adam Winkler, a professor at the UCLA School of Law.

“The measure passed this week has been vehemently opposed by the state’s prosecutors, who said it will further strap an already strained system and deter witnesses in sensitive cases from testifying”, states The Washington Post (Source). Since the shift of the law now lays in the hands of prosecutors, the potential of denying justice to victims now increases.

Many gun-control groups and residents of Florida alike are fighting against the bill, urging upon legislators to oppose the bill. 

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