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FR-44 DUI Insurance

Drunk driving remains an issue in Florida, and the state is one of the harshest enforcers of anti drinking and driving laws. Penalties for driving under the influence in Florida can include jail time, steep fines and having your driver’s license suspended. In addition, your insurance policy could change and your premiums could increase. You will be required to obtain an FR-44 form that would let insurance companies know of your previous conviction.

West Palm Beach Attorney for FR-44 Insurance After DUI Convictions

If you have been arrested for a DUI, contact skilled DUI defense attorney Andrew D. Stine, P.A.. Stine has more than 10 years of experience representing clients throughout South Florida who are facing misdemeanor and felony charges. He wants to help you get the best possible results for your case.

Stine, a former public defender, represents clients in West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Greenacres, Jupiter, Lake Worth, Riviera Beach, Royal Palm Beach, Wellington and surrounding cities. Call 561.880.4300 to schedule a free consultation.

FR-44 DUI Form Information

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FR-44 Requirements in Florida

If you are convicted of drunk driving in Florida your driver’s license will be suspended. The amount of time it can be suspended varies based on the offense. Once you have served that time, you have to get your driver’s license reinstated before you legally can drive again. To reinstate your license, the Florida Department of Safety and Motor Vehicles will require an FR-44 form.

You must request a form from your insurance company immediately after your DUI conviction. You will be labeled as a high-risk driver and the company will have the option to drop your policy. If you policy is dropped you will have to find a new provider. You will have a negative driving record and a recently canceled policy, so premiums likely will be higher.

If your insurance provider chooses not to drop your policy, the cost still could increase. Being labeled a high-risk driver could cause the company to increase your premiums. Also, you will be required to obtain liability insurance coverage in the amount of $100,000 per person, $300,000 per occurrence and $50,000 for property damage.

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Avoiding Insurance Consequences in Palm Beach County

The FR-44 requirement is an automatic punishment as part of a DUI conviction. There is no program to evade the form or no fee to pay to avoid the penalty. If you are convicted, it is a harsh reality you have to face. The only way to avoid the hassle is to avoid the conviction.

The best way to prevent a DUI conviction is to hire an experienced West Palm Beach DUI defense attorney. Your attorney will diligently review all the evidence, including the breathalyzer test and results from the field sobriety tests. Your attorney can make the difference in your case.

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Andrew D. Stine | West Palm Beach DUI Lawyer

DUI convictions can be costly and could have several long-term effects on your life. Contact experienced Palm Beach County DUI defense attorney Andrew D. Stine, P.A.. Call 561.880.4300 to schedule a free case evaluation.