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Fugitive Warrants and Invocation of Rights in Florida

A daily feature in the Palm Beach Post is a link of those individuals wanted for arrest by local, state and federal law enforcement authorities throughout Palm Beach County, FL. The wanted fugitives all have one thing in common; they all have an arrest warrant issued for them. The fugitives of justice are wanted for crimes that range from murder to grand theft. The photos of the wanted individuals are plastered on the local newspaper website palmbeachpost.com/news/crime/fugitives with additional information about what crime they are wanted for, where they were last known to live, their height, weight, and all other pedigree information is provided about the wanted person. If you or a loved one is listed on the Palm Beach Post website or in the local newspaper under the “Wanted Fugitives in Palm Beach County” or crime stoppers you need to contact a Palm Beach County Criminal Defense Lawyer, before you turn yourself into law enforcement officials.

A Fugitive from justice is defined as ‘a person charged in any state with treason, felony, or other crime, who shall flee from justice, and be found in another state, shall, on demand of the executive authority of the state from which he fled, be delivered up to be removed to the state having jurisdiction of the crime.’ Article 4, § 2, cl. 2; see also Roberts v. Reilly, 116 U.S. 80, 94, 6 S. Ct. 291, 299, 29 L. Ed. 544 (1885). This fugitive from justice definition has been broadened to give local law enforcement authorities, like the Palm Beach County Sheriff and all other local police municipalities, the power under their Executive Branch of government functions, the legal authority to seek those individuals that they believe have fled the jurisdiction or their last known address and who probable cause to arrest has been developed and shown through a valid arrest warrant.

If a person finds themselves on one of the sites like crime stoppers or wanted fugitives in Palm Beach County, you should reach out for legal assistance before you telephone authorities about your whereabouts or turn yourself into law enforcement officials. By contacting a criminal defense lawyer, before turning yourself in on an open warrant, capias or failure to appear, you can be provided with legal assistance in many areas.

One critical matter that must be addressed before a fugitive of justice turns themselves into law enforcement officials on a warrant is an invocation of rights. An invocation of rights is a legal motion or legal document filed by a criminal defense lawyer on behalf of an accused. The invocation of rights asserts the accused rights to his or her lawyer. When the accused assert their rights to their criminal defense lawyer, law enforcement officials cannot question the fugitive from justice on any matters pertaining to the alleged crime for which the warrant for their arrest was issued or their whereabouts since the arrest warrant for their arrest was in fact sworn out. The invocation of rights is something you or a family member will appreciate, when fighting a criminal case, but it must be properly written and properly filed before the accused turns themselves into the authorities so that it has the intended consequence of the accused be free from police interrogation.

Another critical matter regarding this topic is in securing a safe location to relinquish the accused to the arresting authorities. If you find yourself on crime stoppers or the Palm Beach County most wanted list, you have to understand that law enforcement officials are on high alert about bringing you in. Because of this high alert with wanted fugitives there is more anxiety for law enforcement officials, then with other individuals who may be wanted for matters like a failure to appear for a traffic hearing or for those who have just forgotten about a court date. By hiring a criminal lawyer to assist you, when turning yourself in to law enforcement at a safe location, which can be designated between the parties, there is a lessened likelihood of any confrontation or harm coming to all parties involved.

Additionally, sometimes a criminal defense lawyer may be able to provide an accused facing a warrant for their arrest with the assistance of getting a bail bonds person or the bond collateral in place to help make sure the fugitive from justice can bond out of jail in a reasonable time. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can be an asset in not only achieving a bond but also putting the bond in order at the local jail to assure the timely release of the accused.

The previous reasons, information and examples are provided by West Palm Beach Criminal Defense Lawyer, Andrew D. Stine. Andrew D. Stine has been assisting those with fugitive warrants, failures to appear and all open warrant cases for well over a decade in Palm Beach County, and throughout the entire State of Florida. Palm Beach Criminal Attorney Andrew D. Stine has developed a strategy in assisting those who turn themselves in on open warrants throughout Palm Beach County in a safe, efficient and practical manner, which also protects the right to remain silent of the accused. If you or a loved one is in need of assistance, because you find yourself as a fugitive from justice, on the newspaper list of the wanted fugitives of Palm County, crime stoppers or have an open warrant for your arrest because you received a post card in the mail from the Sheriff advising you of an open warrant, contact South Florida’s most prominent criminal defense lawyer for over the past decade at 561 832 1170 for you free immediate consultation. Remember Attorney Andrew D. Stine handles your case from start to finish and does not use coverage lawyers, does not hand your file over to an associate lawyer to work on it for you, but in fact handles ever client’s file personally! Do like thousands have done before you for more than a decade in Palm Beach County, FL and “Hire Stine or Do the Time!”

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