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Have You Been Arrested for Cocaine Possession in West Palm Beach?

cocaine-possession_180x120-150x120It is always disappointing to see an authority figure go down for a drug related crime, especially when that authority figure works with children and is a leader for a community cause. That’s why this week’s cocaine bust is especially disappointing – a Florida Department of Children and Families investigator has been arrested for cocaine possession in Orlando.

Here is the article as according to WPTV News:

Authorities say a Florida Department of Children and Families investigator has been arrested for cocaine possession in Orlando.

The Orange County Sheriff’s office says Susan Cunningham visited a location being monitored for drug dealing and was later pulled over Saturday for failing to signal while changing lanes. A deputy found a clear plastic bag sticking out of the center arm rest console, which contained a white powder that tested positive for cocaine.

John Cooper, the central regional director for DCF, called the arrest “terribly concerning.” The department said in a statement Sunday that it plans to fire Cunningham, who has been a child protective investigator since 2005.

Cocaine Possession

Possession of less than 28 grams of cocaine is considered a third degree felony. Third degree felonies usually result in time behind bars and hefty fines. The fines are in addition to all of the court fees and other fees you will end up paying if you have been arrested for or accused of possession of Cocaine.

Because cocaine is such a highly addictive substance, the crimes that are bound to follow the use of cocaine are extremely common.

Cocaine Possession Defense

Since cocaine possession crimes are so common, many criminal defense lawyers have extensive experience in defending drug related crimes. If you have been arrested for possession of cocaine in Palm Beach County, be sure to contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer in your area. This will be the smartest investment you make. You may even get a reduced sentence and a second chance at life.

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