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Hit and Run DUI Accidents and Consequences

Glass of whiskey and car keys on wooden table.

Glass of whiskey and car keys on wooden table.

A Wellington woman is accused of a hit and run DUI accident that occurred on January 17, 2014. According to Palm Beach County Sherriff’s arrest report, Jennifer Sorgie, who was driving a black Dodge SUV with almost double the legal BAC limit, plowed down a person and kept driving.

Authorities found the accused woman in a parking lot, sitting in a driver’s seat with the engine still running, with extensive front end damage and a blown front driver’s side tire. Lake Worth deputies later connected Dodge SUV to a pedestrian hit and run crash with serious injuries.  When questioned, Jennifer Sorgie reported the amount of alcohol she drank and said that she remembers hitting a vehicle but not a person. She was not able to explain why she left the crime scene. The accused was booked with DUI and hit and run charges and later released from jail after posting 9,000 bail.

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DUI Charges in Florida

Drunk driving (DUI) in Florida is governed by Fla. Stat. § 316.193. This statute defines the offense as when someone is driving or in actual physical control on Florida roads while under the influence of drugs, alcohol, inhalants, or a combination of them to the extent that his or her normal faculties are impaired, or when that person’s blood or breath alcohol concentration (BAC) is at or above the legal limit of .08. A lot of states increase the penalties and charges based on how high your BAC level was. A BAC result above a .15 or .20 will usually lead to increased punishment and the filing of additional charges against you. DUI laws are complicated, constantly changing and are specific to each state. Hire a skilled DUI lawyer in your state to help you find the best ways to defend the charges against you.

DUI With Injury

DUI accident cases are very serious and carry very severe consequences.  Additional charges and increased punishments will result depending on how badly people were injured. Majority of the states in US have expanded their DUI laws to provide more serious penalties when drunk driving accidents involve bodily injury to another person (s). Misdemeanor can quickly become a felony if the offender caused harm to another person while under driving the influence of alcohol.

Florida State has severe penalties with DUI serious bodily Injury charges that will be imposed even if the person who was seriously injured was you!

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