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How 140 New Florida Laws are Changing the Game

newlaws_180x120-150x120140 new state laws took effect yesterday today here in Florida. The laws range in a wide variety from the acquisition of prohibited animals, to running red lights, and even the regulation of smoke shops.

Criminal defense lawyers will be stepping up their game to understand the new laws taken into effect yesterday, and the crimes that will be committed as a result.

Conditional/Prohibited Animal Species

Purchasing, selling, bringing into the state, or giving away Burmese pythons is now illegal, but if you currently own one and acquired it legally, you are allowed to keep it.

52 pythons were caught since the commission opened hunting last year. Whitney Ray of West Palm Beach News Channel 5 reported that there are only 350 people who hold permits to own or sell Burmese
Pythons in FloridaIn Florida.

Scott Hardin, exotic species coordinator for the FWC, said:

In the future, nobody will be able to acquire a Burmese python or any of these other conditional species as a personal pet,”


Traffic Laws

If you choose to run a red light, you will be receiving a $158 ticket in the mail. This will be a common occurrence since West Palm Beach News Channel 5 reported that drivers in Florida are the most likely to be pulled over and given a ticket for speeding, according to the National Motorists Association.

Texting while driving is still legal in Florida, however, informational campaigns about the risk of texting while driving have launched to try and change driving habits.

Drug Use

The “bong bill” is stifling the activities of retailers that sell a wide range of smoking devices commonly used with illegal drugs. It requires these stores to have tobacco licenses if they sell pipes and other paraphernalia, and their stores must make 75 percent of their income from tobacco.

Rep. Darryl Rouson, D-St. Petersburg, is responsible for the bill and is also a recovered crack addict who has been clean for 12 years, three months, and eight days.

“Any police officer, state attorney or drug counselor can tell you who’s purchasing these pipes and why,” said Rouson. “The only ones who say they don’t know what’s happening are the store owners.”

Contact a criminal defense lawyer if you have been charged with drug crimes for a consultation and to have someone on your side through a difficult time.

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