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How a Mother of an Obese Third-Grader was Charged with Child Neglect

child-neglect-lawyerChild abuse can come in many different forms. Some forms of child abuse include but are not limited to: child neglect, sexual abuse, and sexual exploitation.
As the obesity rate in America continues to increase, parents of
severely overweight children are beginning to be questioned and even criminally charged with child neglect. If you are a parent of a child medically determined to be obese, you may need to consult a criminal defense lawyer because there is a possibility you could be charged with child neglect.

Child Neglect According to Florida Law

Child neglect is defined as:

“When a child is deprived of, or is allowed to be deprived of, necessary food, clothing, shelter, or medical treatment or a child is permitted to live in an environment when such deprivation or environment causes a child’s physical, mental, or emotional health to be significantly impaired or to be in danger of being significantly impaired.”

If a person is deemed to have willfully or by “culpable negligence” neglected a child without causing serious bodily harm, permanent disfigurement or disability, is guilty of a third-degree felony. If there was permanent harm caused because of the neglect, it will be charged as a second-degree felony.

Ohio Third-Grader Place in Foster Care

According to a WPTV News article, an Ohio third-grader who weighs more than 200 pounds has been taken from his family and placed into foster care after county social workers said his mother wasn’t doing enough to control his weight. The Plain Dealer reports that the Cleveland 8-year-old is considered severely obese and at risk for such diseases as diabetes and hypertension.

The mother’s criminal defense lawyer says the county overreached when authorities took the boy last week. They say the medical problems he is at risk for do not yet pose an imminent danger. A spokeswoman says the county removed the child because caseworkers saw his mother’s inability to reduce his weight as medical child neglect.

Criminal Defense

If you have been accused of child neglect, you stand at serious risk of being criminally charged and losing your child. Contact a criminal defense lawyer immediately so that you can at least have a chance of keeping your child and providing a better future for him or her. Only a criminal defense lawyer can help you after you have been accused of this serious felony.

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