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How a Woman is Charged with Kidnapping 20 Years Later

police-car-lights-3-150x120According to an article in The Palm Beach Post, a North Carolina woman was scheduled to appear Monday in federal court to face kidnapping charges. Here’s the kicker – she allegedly snatched the child more than 20 years ago and has raised her as her own.

Ann Pettway gave herself up to the FBI Sunday morning in Connecticut after running from a warrant from North Carolina. She is on probation due to stealing items from a store where she worked and was consequently convicted of attempted embezzlement, and wasn’t allowed to leave the state.

She turned herself in days after a widely publicized reunion between the child she raised, now an adult, and her biological mother, according to the Palm Beach Post.

Carlina White was 19 days old when she was stolen from Harlem Hospital after being taken in for a high fever. Now 23, Carlina had been living under the name Nejdra Nance in the Connecticut and the Atlanta area. She had long suspected Pettway wasn’t her biological mother because she could never provide her with a birth certificate.

Carlina found her biological mother after checking the website of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. She found a picture that looked nearly identical to her baby picture and immediately contacted the mother listed, Joy White.

White and Nance met in New York before DNA tests were complete, confident they were mother and daughter. After the test results confirmed it Wednesday, Nance returned from Atlanta to be with White again.

Department of Correction officials there tried repeatedly to contact her after finding out investigators wanted to question her in Carlina’s 1987 abduction. North Carolina officials said Friday they believed Pettway was on the run from authorities. They said Sunday they would seek her extradition.

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