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How Animal Cruelty Charges May Shut Down Your Business

animal_cruelty_case_180x120-150x120According to an article on WPTV New Channel 5, a 10-month undercover investigation into allegations of animal cruelty at a North Carolina based animal testing facility, rescued nearly two-hundred dogs and multiple cats.

“These dogs were living in absolute filth, being physically abused. Some of the worst cases of animal cruelty I’ve ever seen,” said Lauren Gordon, a member of In Dog We Trust Canine Rescue.

Undercover video shows scenes of graphic abuse. Within days of seeing the video, Gordon’s group, and others like it, rallied together to rescue the animals. The facility closed to avoid facing possible government investigation and prosecution.

“Get the animals out and get them to safety. That’s our number one goal. Knowing PETA, and the way that they do things, I can’t imagine that they’re going to back down from any criminal charges, against the people that did this to the animals,” said Gordon.

Now, after years of abuse, and hours in a plane, 16 beagles are getting their first taste of freedom, and their first feeling of love, too long denied. Canine Rescue Flights is the group responsible for bringing the dogs to West Palm Beach.

“All they’ve known is living in their cage, they go to the bathroom in their cage. They spent 24 hours a day in their cage unless they’re being tested on. So we’re going to shower them with love and affection as much as we can,” said Gordon.

All the dogs are up for adoption, and the selection progress will be rigorous to ensure all the dogs go to good homes.

Animal Cruelty Defense

In Florida, animal cruelty can be charged as anything from a civil infraction up to a felony. Those charges, as well as fines, add up when a person is charged with cruelty or neglect to a group of animals.

Defense in animal cases usually involves a thorough investigation and expert testimony from veterinarians and other animal owners as to what the community standard is for taking care of animals. An experienced criminal defense lawyer will go beyond this basic defense strategy to help clients avoid fines and other costs associated with the crime.

Have a criminal defense lawyer on your side to prevent the worst from happening. Know and protect your rights.

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