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How Common are Burglaries and Robberies in South Florida?

crime_rate_south_florida_180x120In 2009, there were 30,911 reported robberies. That number continues to increase. Out of every state in the country, Florida ranks the 5th highest for the robbery rate as of 2009, according to The Disaster Center. There is generally a new robbery every day locally in West Palm Beach covered in the news.

Robbery in St. Lucie County

One young man has been captured and charged with robbery of the Fort Pierce city manager’s home, according to Fort Pierce Police and WPTV News Channel 5. He is one of three former high school football players, some of which played at Fort Pierce Westwood High School and the others at Fort Pierce Central High School, according to the article.

The former athletes who were arrested Thursday are: Andre Townsend, 18; Cameron Toombs, 19, and Timothy Smith, 20, all of Fort Pierce. The three boys were arrested after a high-speed chase, ending when their getaway vehicle wet into a ditch. In the vehicle, Sheriff’s deputies found an X-box belonging to city manager David Recor, a rifle, jewelry and a computer.

Late Friday, Toombs, 19, of South Seventh Street, was charged with burglary and grand theft of Recor’s home.

The boys are also linked to a robbery in Lakewood Park from the following day.

After a high-speed chase, the men were captured after driving their vehicle into a canal. Inside the suspects’ car were a digital camera, gloves, a safe, a DVD player, jewelry, a computer laptop and a Social Security card belonging to one of the victims, reports say.

Smith said he was at the burglary but didn’t participate. Toombs refused to talk, according to reports. Townsend, Toombs and Smith also are linked to a burglary in Indian River County, said Rothman. A safe found in the getaway car is from a home in Indian River County that was ransacked.

Burglary and Robbery Criminal Defense

Burglary and robbery are very serious offenses that are often coupled with violent crimes. Robbery is theft by way of force or threat. Burglary is unlawfully entering another’s property with the intent to commit a crime (i.e. theft). If you have been charged with a burglary or robbery, you need a criminal defense lawyer. These crimes are so common here in South Florida that most prosecutors are used to getting convictions. Have an experienced criminal defense lawyer give you the help you need.

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