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How Common are Robberies?

crime_rate_south_florida_180x120Robberies are so common in our area, there’s at least one robbery per week that makes the news. This week, a couple of people were robbed at gunpoint while trying to change a flat tire, and stuffed in the trunk. Every robbery that makes the news has some new twist that takes the crime from just another robbery, to something else entirely.

Robbery of the Week

According to WPTV News, two people pulled over to change their car’s flat tire were robbed at gunpoint and stowed in the car trunk early this morning in Palm Beach Gardens, police report. Palm Beach Gardens police continue to investigate the crime that happened about 4:22 a.m., spokeswoman Ellen Lovejoy said.

The pair, a man and a woman, whose identities were not available, were headed south on MacArthur Boulevard when their car had a flat, Lovejoy said.

As they tried to change the tire, two men approached them with guns and took a purse, a wallet and the keys to the car from the two, Lovejoy said. They then ordered the pair into the trunk and left. The two were able to escape by pulling the emergency release lever inside the trunk, she said.

A description of the robbers was not yet available. Further details are expected later this morning.

Criminal Defense

If you have ever been accused of robbery, you probably already know that it may seem like a simply charge but there are always residual charges that result from it. For example, there’s a major difference between robbery, aggravated robbery, and armed robbery. All three are felony charges but depending on the severity of each one, your sentence will vary.

If you have ever been charged with robbery, aggravated robbery, or armed robbery, you need to contact a criminal defense lawyer immediately. A criminal defense lawyer will be able to outline the whole process and help you design a strong defense strategy.

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