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How Discipline Became Animal Cruelty

animal-cruelty-charge_180x120According to a WPTV News article, a Boca Raton man was arrested Wednesday after detectives say he beat his puppy to death. Shane Michael Thompson, 20, brought his deceased puppy ‘Moonshine’, a three-legged wolf hybrid, to the Cole Animal Clinic in Boca Raton on October 17th. Thompson told the clinic employees he wanted to cremate it after it had died during that morning, possibly due to a seizure.

But vet technicians discovered that the pup’s body was bloody, and had various blunt trauma all over its body. A necropsy was performed and the report revealed “Moonshine” suffered blunt force trauma prior to death and the cause of death was suspected to be asphyxiation.

A phone call was also placed to the Tri-County Humane Society after a ‘friend’ of Thompson called to tell them Thompson possibly killed his animal. Animal Care and Control contacted the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office to investigate further for animal abuse.

Several witnesses were interviewed by the sheriff’s office and told them they had witnessed Thompson ‘hit’ the pup on multiple occasions. One friend told investigators Thompson bragged about biting a piece of the pup’s ear off for discipline.

When Thompson was brought in for questioning, he told detectives “all the described events were completed in the process of discipline” and that “the wolf pup needs to be disciplined or they will be uncontrollable in the future.”

After a thorough investigation by Animal Care and Control and the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, detectives determined Michael Shane Thompson ‘inflicted excessive, repeated, and unnecessary pain and suffering to the dog Moonshine which may possibly have resulted in its death.’

Thompson faces one felony count of animal cruelty and was booked into the Palm Beach County Jail Wednesday afternoon.

Animal Cruelty Defense

Animal cruelty is extremely wrong and unacceptable. However, if you have been accused of animal cruelty and have not committed the crime, the consequences can still be extremely painful and difficult. The ACC is responsible for the initial investigation and will often violate Fourth Amendment rights by searching property without a search warrant.

A criminal defense lawyer will conduct a thorough investigation and expert testimony from veterinarians and other animal owners as to what the community standard is for taking care of animals. An experienced criminal defense lawyer will go beyond this basic defense strategy to help clients avoid fines and other costs associated with the crime.

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