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How Drug Addiction Can Cost You Your Children – Part 2

child-neglect-jacksonville_180x120Child neglect is one of the most emotionally straining charges to be faces with. When a parent is charged with child neglect there is so much more at stake than the parent’s reputation and freedom because the victim is a child. Children are unable to fend for
themselves and when parents neglect their children, the consequences for both the child and the parent are severe.

Drugs can cause child neglect

In an unfortunate case reported by WJXT in Jacksonville, the parents of two young girls have been arrested for leaving them to fend for themselves in a tent in the woods behind their home. The couple left to receive treatment at a methadone clinic in Gainesville and also visited a blood plasma center.

Deputies report the girls, ages 3 and 4, were found wandering alone in the woods near the tent on Monday afternoon. The girls were dirty, hungry, and thirsty when they were found, but otherwise unharmed.

“It was just a terrible sight, terrible scene,” said Lt. Lyn Williams of the Union County Sheriff’s Office, “there was no food. There was no water. That was the first thing the children asked for.”

Detectives arrested 25-year-old Mark Tucker and his wife Kathy, 26. The couple admitted to leaving their three children to fend for themselves. Their 5-year-old was at school. They claimed the children were protected because of the family dog.

The children were found when a concerned family friend noticed the couple had left their home without their children and found the tent with two beds inside, immediately calling 911. Deputies say they also found the grandmother in the home on the property, but said she wasn’t capable of caring for the girls, and didn’t even know they were there.

Both parents have been charged with child neglect.

Child neglect defense

If you have ever been charged with child neglect regardless of the reasons, whether they involve drug crimes or not, you are in for a long process. Child neglect is taken very seriously by the state of Florida especially because the Department of Children and Families often conduct their own investigations and present their own opinions about the situation. Being charged with child neglect can be very difficult if you don’t have a criminal defense lawyer on your side. Consult a criminal defense lawyer so you can at least have a chance of keeping your children.

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