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How Facebook led to Animal Cruelty Arrests

animal-cruelty-pig_180x120Animal cruelty charges can seriously impact your life. It is a common occurrence in Palm Beach County, which led the county to pass an ordinance strictly regulating care and treatment of animals. Despite the new ordinance, there are still some extreme animal cruelty cases that make headlines.

According to WPTV News, a mother and a daughter were both facing felony charges of animal cruelty. Sheriff Deryl Loar considers the incident to be one of the worst cases of animal cruelty the county has seen in a while.

The women were arrested at their home near Vero Beach. The arrests resulted from a nearly month-long investigation that began with a Facebook video. Allegedly, the two women had posted a video on a private Facebook page of themselves encouraging their two dogs to attack and kill a pig they had put in their backyard.

An anonymous tipster had videotaped the Facebook video playing on their own computer, and turned the disc into the Sheriff’s Office. Because the page was private, investigators collaborated with Facebook’s corporate office in California to retrieve the identity of the page owner.

The pig’s snout was bound and legs hobbled to make it difficult for the pig to defend itself. Due to the horrific nature of the video, all news articles only broadcasted the first 23 seconds.

Ashley Ramirez, 21, and her mother Janice Ramirez, 55, can be heard on the video goading the dogs to attack the pig. They can be heard giggling and laughing about the pig’s legs being broken.

According to investigators, the Ramirez women said they had planned to kill the pig anyway and took it as an opportunity to “train” their dogs to hunt.

Animal Cruelty Defense

Only a criminal defense lawyer can help you in an animal cruelty case. Because there is such wide support against animal cruelty, you will have a difficult time during trial if a criminal defense lawyer is not there to defend and support you. If you are facing animal cruelty charges, the first and most important thing to do is to call a criminal defense lawyer immediately.

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