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How Former Yankee Player DUI May Cost him 15 Years in Prison

leyritz_180x120-150x86Former New York Yankee player Jim Leyritz is standing trial for his DUI manslaughter charges from December 2007. Witnesses will testify that Leyritz ran a red light when he crashed into another vehicle in a Fort Lauderdale intersection and crashed into a vehicle, killing a woman, prosecutor said in her opening statement Monday, according to WPTV News.

Leyritz is in a very serious situation as he is accused of driving under the influence, running a red light, and crashing into a vehicle driven by Veitch, 30, a mother of two. Veitch was thrown from her vehicle. Leyritz’s blood alcohol level was measured at a .18 hours after the crash (when a nurse drew his blood).

The December 2007 crash occurred at about 3:20 a.m. at an intersection near the Himmarshee Arts District in Fort Lauderdale. Leyritz had been out celebrating his 44th birthday with friends at Blue Martini and Automatic Slim’s. A bystander on the street will testify that Veitch had a green light and didn’t even have to stop before entering the intersection before the crash, according to WPTV News.

Leyritz’s criminal defense attorney, David Bogenschutz, did not give an opening statement, instead opting to wait until after the state has presented its entire case.

If convicted Leyritz, 46, a father of three from Davie, faces a sentence of four to 15 years in prison.

DUI Defense

There are defenses in DUI accident cases, which an experienced and capable criminal defense lawyer can use. Even if you made a statement to police during your arrest, your criminal defense lawyer can usually get that evidence thrown out of court. Any statement you give officers cannot be used against you due to the Florida accident report privilege.

Getting charged with a DUI is a serious offense and it could impact your life forever if you are convicted. Each year, states impose tougher DUI laws and more severe drunk driving penalties. Florida is no exception. Have the number of a criminal defense lawyer in your wallet at all times. The faster you have access to a criminal defense lawyer after a DUI, the better your chances are.

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