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How is Counterfeit Cash Caught?

counterfeit-bills_180x120Using counterfeit cash is considered a third-degree felony, but how do counterfeit bill users get caught? People only use counterfeit detector pens if there are previous suspicions. Counterfeit money is often used in drug deals and often end up in the hands of an unknowing person.

The Case

According to an article in WPTV News, Jensen Beach High School’s bank notified the administration last week that counterfeit money had been passed in the cafeteria. Immediately, detectives launched an investigation that resulted in the arrest of four students Friday.

Cafeteria staff began using counterfeit detector pens after being notified by the bank that counterfeit bills had been passed through the system. A school resource deputy questioned a 15-year-old female student and a 16-year-old male student. Another student, a 15-year-old freshman was the producer of the counterfeit money. When questioned, he initially said he received the money from a drug dealer in Stuart. He later admitted he printed the money on his family’s home computer. He had his parents buy resume paper for him in the name of a class project.

The freshman and three other students were charged with uttering counterfeit bills Friday at the Martin County Jail and released to their parents.

Counterfeit bills and the law

According to Florida Statute 831.09, uttering forged bills, checks, drafts, or notes:

“Whoever utters or passes or tenders in payment as true, any such false, altered, forged, or counterfeit note, or any bank bill, check, draft, or promissory note, payable to the bearer thereof or to the order of any person, issued as aforesaid, knowing the same to be false, altered, forged, or counterfeit, with intent to injure or defraud any person, commits a felony of the third degree, punishable by” 5 years in prison.

Counterfeit Criminal Defense

If you have ever been charged with forgery, fraud, or uttering counterfeit bills, your only friend will be a criminal defense lawyer. An experienced criminal defense lawyer is the only person who will investigate your case in order to figure out your best defensive position.

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