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How Law Enforcement Officers are Caught Trafficking Oxycodone

doctor-shopping_180x120It’s always amazing to see law enforcement officers caught committing crimes. Usually the crimes they commit involve police brutality or abuse of power. This week, a Broward Sheriff’s sergeant has been booked into the Palm Beach County Jail for a different reason. Sgt. John Goodbread and his wife are accused of Oxycodone trafficking and prescription fraud.

Sgt. Goodbread, 42, has been with the Broward Sheriff’s Office for a little over two decades. He has actually been suspended with pay as the investigation continues, says sheriff’s spokeswoman Dani Moschella, according to WPTV News.

Doctor Shopping

The Broward Sheriff’s Office alerted Palm Beach County Sheriff’s detectives of a distinct possibility Sgt. Goodbread and his wife had been “doctor shopping.” Doctor shopping is the practice of acquiring prescription drugs from several different doctors. The Broward Sheriff’s Office originally received a call from the manager at the Boca Raton office of Dr. Harry Stein, alerting them to the possibility that Sgt. Goodbread and his wife may be participating in the pain pill trafficking sweep across South Florida.

Detectives showed photo lineups to several pharmacists who identified the Goodbreads, according to WPTV News.

The article also reported that Sgt. Goodbread filled more than 30 prescriptions for Oxycodone, Oxycontin and Hydrocodone between April 2009 and December 2010, while Heather Goodbread purchased those same pain-killers plus Morphine Sulfate more than 30 times between April 2009 and February 2011, investigators said.

Drug database

The state has been pushing for a drug database that registers everyone filling prescriptions for pain-killers. This “doctor shopping” practice has been the main source of motivation behind the movement. It would allow pharmacists, doctors and law enforcement to catch patients who get multiple prescriptions in a short timeframe.

Governor Rick Scott opposes the database. Instead, he established a task force last month to help law enforcement shut down “pill mills.” He wants the Legislature to repeal the 2009 law that authorized the database. The database was supposed to be operational last December, but was stalled after a losing bidder filed a protest.

Thirty-five other states have prescription drug databases.

Palm Beach County Drug Trafficking

If you have ever been accused of drug trafficking, especially Oxycodone trafficking, you immediately need to speak with a criminal defense lawyer. Palm Beach County is cracking down on pill mills and prescription drug trafficking. The consequences you will be facing include a minimum of three years in prison in addition to fines and court fees. Only a criminal defense lawyer can help you build a case for yourself.

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