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How New Legalization May be Passed Restricting Sex Offenders

sex-offender_180x120-150x120Even though there is already legislation to invoke consequences on sexual predators and sex offenders, many victims still feel as if they did not receive justice. A lot of times, sex offenders don’t complete their sentences and often end up reverting back to their behavior after serving their sentences.

Brittany Carleo is a victim that not only never received justice for the crimes committed against her, but she lost her life during the process as well. In 2006, then 17, Carleo was involved with a 42-year-old Scott Uslan who sexually assaulted her after he supplied her with drugs and alcohol.

“He was calling her on an obsessive basis and texting her incessantly,” Barbara Martin said, her legal guardian.

According to WPTV News, Martin worked tirelessly to get a restraining order against Scott Uslan. Uslan was finally arrested for making harassing phone calls. The real problems came about when he bailed out the very next day.

A few days later, Uslan shot and killed Brittany at the smoothie shop where she was working, then he shot himself.

Martin has since approached state representative Gayle Harrell to craft a new bill that would require sexual offenders to be held for up to 24 hours and appear before a judge to determine if they’re too dangerous to be released.

Sex Offender Defense

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