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How Pharmacy Databases are Leading to Arrests of Meth Makers

Pills2-300x198Authorities are cracking down on methamphetamine labs across Florida in a new way – through an online database. A new statewide database will now block cold and allergy pill purchases in an effort to curb the growth of meth labs.

According to an article in WPTV News, Ephedrine and pseudoephedrine are key ingredients in making methamphetamine, and they are found in cold and allergy medicine. Usually extra-strength decongestants like 12-hour Sudafed, Claritin-D, and Allegra-D are the ingredients meth makers use to mix with household chemicals to sustain their meth labs.

The new law

The new legislature launched in January and now allows an individual to buy only 9 grams of ephedrine products per month, according to WPTV News. According to state data, 40,000 illegal ephedrine sales have already been blocked in the state of Florida between January and March.

Interestingly, Broward County and Palm Beach County each had approximately 2,000 sales blocked. Meth labs are more prevalent in North and Central Florida, but a surprising number of blocked sales in South Florida shows that meth makers are stocking up down south.

The Center for the Study and Prevention of Substance Abuse director Jim Hall of Nova Southeastern University says:

“It has been among the most successful laws we’ve had in reducing meth production.”

This new law complements the monitoring system put in place to track pain-pill trafficking and doctor shopping that is an exponentially growing issue across the state of Florida.

The law makes it easier for law enforcement to find potential meth makers because the logbook is now electronic, rather than forcing authorities to sift through handwritten logbooks. Suspicious sales are flagged and authorities begin drug investigations.

The system is designed to block meth makers from pharmacy hopping. Pharmacists are required to enter a buyer’s driver’s license information, and refuses the sale if the 9-gram monthly limit has been reached (a 30-day supply of 24-hour cold and allergy pills, according to WPTV News)

Criminal Defense

If you have ever been accused of drug trafficking or drug possession, especially regarding prescription medication like Oxycodone, you need to speak with a criminal defense lawyer. A criminal defense lawyer has a clear understanding of the new laws and databases put in place. Have your lawyer help you build your defense so you can avoid the mandatory prison time.

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