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How Police Abuse of Power is a Growing Problem

policelights2_180x120-150x102Police brutality and abuse of power is a problem that has been around since the beginning of hierarchical society. However, the fact that it continues today is problematic because it makes people wonder whom they can trust. When law enforcement officers start breaking the law, who’s there to keep them in check?

False Imprisonment in Boynton Beach

According to an article in WPTV News, a woman in Boynton Beach, Fla. posted an internet ad offering her services as an escort. She called herself “Stephanie,” and was found bleeding in her Boynton Beach apartment, unconscious but alive, only hours after posting the ad. She had been shot twice.

The man being held responsible for the crime is Jimmy Ho, a police officer at Florida Atlantic University. The incident was clearly a shock to FAU students and to Ho’s boss as well at the FAU Police Department where Ho has worked since 2006, according to the article.

Deputy Chief Keith Totten commented that the incident surprised and disappointed him. He also mentioned there was at least one record of disciplinary action against Ho in the past, but would not give any details.

Ho allegedly handcuffed the victim (and told police she was going to rob him), and took her from the kitchen to the bedroom. After a struggle he shot her in the abdomen and in the neck. The victim is at Delray Medical Center where she was last listed in critical condition with “lower body paralysis.”

Ho is charged with attempted first-degree murder and false imprisonment. He resigned from FAUPD Tuesday.

He is reportedly engaged to be married.

Police Abuse of Power

These incidents are crimes upon the community. Police officers are supposed to be the guardians of our society, not genuine threats. Departments often have vague “use of force” policies that allow officers to interpret them the way they want.

There is no accountability when an officer violates the department’s own policies. Officers are rarely found guilty of criminal activity by the police department’s internal investigations.

It is clear that some police cannot police themselves.

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