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How Police Find Marijuana Grow Houses

marijuana-grow_180x120-150x120A marijuana grow house is a home, warehouse or garage that is used for the production of marijuana and is usually located in a suburban residential neighborhood. The houses are typically outfitted with sophisticated hydroponic equipment to provide water, food and light for the plants. Hydroponics is a method of growing plants in water without soil.

The houses themselves are kept in good condition so that they blend in with the neighborhood. Illegal electrical hookups are a common feature of grow houses. They save money and make it harder for authorities to identify them due to a spike in electrical usage

Marijuana Grow House Found by Accident

An article was published in WPTV News on Tuesday reporting the accidental seizure of a marijuana grow house. Two Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Deputies were on bike patrol around 11 p.m. Monday night when they smelled the odor of marijuana in the air and it led them to a massive grow house.

It came from a warehouse so a K-9 officer was called in to confirm the presence of drugs, and then a search warrant was secured.

Upon entering the building in the 600 block of North G Street in Lake Worth, investigators found more than 1,200 pot plants worth a street value of more than $750,000.

“Normally the officer is patrolling in his car and he may not pick up that scent (marijuana) that strongly as he’s out on his bicycle, walking behind buildings, checking businesses as they are doing patrolling,” said Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Eric Davis.

There are several auto repair businesses near the warehouse. No one smelled anything suspicious.

So far deputies have not made any arrests in connection with the bust

Marijuana Grow House Defense

An experienced criminal defense lawyer will have a clear understanding of how law enforcement officials discover grow houses and what sort of evidence is required in the prosecution phase of the trial. A criminal defense lawyer would be able to build a solid case for you if any evidence was obtained illegally (illegal search and seizure), he can even file a motion to suppress the evidence and dismiss the case.

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