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How Police Officers can be Caught Breaking the Law

police-officer-abuse-theft_180x120Even police officers need criminal defense lawyers once in a while. When a police officer is arrested and is faced with criminal charges, it can easily be seen in news headlines. Law enforcement officers are supposed to be a symbol of protection and justice for the people. When a law enforcement officer abuses his or her power and it results in a criminal charge, the irony of the situation makes people pay close attention.

How Even Officers need Criminal Defense Lawyers

A Lantana police officer has been arrested and accused of stealing money from people he pulls over for routine traffic stops. The issue is growing complicated because Lantana police officer Mark Ott has a tendency to pull over Hispanic males, searching them, and stealing money right from their wallets.

According to WPTV News, the FBI was made aware of the theft allegations in March and the State Attorney’s office assigned its Public Integrity Unit Task Force to conduct a sting operation to bust the cop. After interviewing victims, 4 men who said Ott stole money from them, it has been concluded that Ott would pull the Hispanic man over, search them, and in almost every case take their wallet and tell them to stay in his police cruiser.

The arrest report says when Ott brought the wallets back, money would always be missing. According to the article, up to $530 was taken during at least four traffic stops. Some of the victims spoke little English. Some didn’t even have driver’s licenses but were never ticketed.

Ott’s bond has been set at $25,000.

Criminal Defense

It doesn’t matter who you are, police officer or not, if you are facing criminal charges. If you are accused of theft or any other crime, a criminal defense lawyer is the only person who can help your situation. It is rumored that police officers get off easy but anyone that employs the help of a criminal defense lawyer has a better chance of having their case dismissed or at least having their charges lessened.

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