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How Problematic is Day Care Fraud in Palm Beach County

daycare-fraud_180x120Day care fraud is not a crime commonly talked about. It is the act of lying about your current salary in order to receive government assistance to send your child to day care. Even though it is not a crime that commonly makes headlines, it is still a problem in Palm Beach County.

Day Care Fraud

According to WPTV News, last year, 16 Palm Beach County parents were forced to pay back nearly $70,000 in stolen money.

In one recent case a mother of three admitted she lied about her salary, submitting a dozen bogus employment letters so she could rake in more than $40,000 in day care subsidy cash.

In another recent case, a mother failed to mention she worked for the government when she used the government to cash in on more than $15,000 in child care assistance.

Day care fraud is a problem in Palm Beach County with no easy solutions.

“At what point do you punish the child for the actions of the parent?” asked Warren Eldridge, Executive Director of the Early Learning Coalition of Palm Beach County.

Parents found guilty of stealing public day care money often get a slap on the wrist. Parents forced to pay back restitution can still apply for future government assistance. Suspected cases of day care fraud eventually make their way to state investigators but with limited resources within the Florida Department of Financial Services, only a few ever get results.

Fraud Criminal Defense

If you have ever been accused of fraud, you already have a good idea of how difficult the court process is. It is difficult to defend yourself for stealing money because there are always reasons and special circumstances that drive you to take the actions you take. A criminal defense lawyer understands how difficult it is to defend fraudulent activities. Only a criminal defense lawyer can help you in this case. Depending on the amount of defrauded money, paying restitution could give you the chance to have your charges dropped and walk away with a slap on the wrist.

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